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Black Falcon -GCI Style Woody [NL]

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I started this project about a year ago and it has changed form and concept several times. Originally I was going for a vintage woodie feel, but I changed the entire layout to go for something more modern and a bit of a GCI jive to it.


The entire ride started with auto-supports and I have completely altered every support node and beam on this ride. I've added more realistic bracing and re-organized many of the supports (for any overlapping track auto-supports usually are doubled up unnecessarily and end up a mess, I've fixed that here). I've put quite a considerable amount of time into this ride, namely the supports. I still have some tweaking to do, but for now I have some teasers









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I've just put the finishing touches on Black Falcon. As I said before this ride was hand-built in every way including support work. I started with auto supports and completely modified the existing supports as well as adding realistic bracing and structure. I also fixed overlapping auto supports and reorganized them in a realistic fashion.


I went for a GCI type of feel, though I definitely wanted it to be something unique. The 'layered' effect of the overlapping tunnels was the idea I built off of; I wanted a coaster that took advantage of vertical space as efficiently as possible while diving in and out of those spaces intermittently. I'll have a download up shortly, but for now check out the POV video and some screens:






Height: 125"

Length: 4,834"

Top Speed: 57 mph

Train Count: 5

Maximum Rider Capacity: 1,350 per hour

Estimated Cost: $12 million USD














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I do believe in cleaning up auto supporting and adding detail work, but I'm not the kind of person who will sit down and tweak every support by hand. I just wouldn't be able to stand it.


The only thing I dislike about your ride is the use of a mid-course brake run.

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Excellent ride! I love GCI's, and this is no exception. The (very long) finale showed what the ride was capable of. The ending was excellent and showed everything a GCI has, in rapid fire. However, I think you dragged out the beginning of it for too long, especially since there were mainly hills followed by big long low turns. It killed it a little for me. Overall I think it's fantastic! The trackwork is near flawless, the elements weren't too forceful, but were enough to give a great ride, and most of all, you kept the spirit of the style you were going for, which is very important. 4/5

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