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The Roller Coaster Vocab International Dictionary

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Calling all linguists:

After realising that I needed to translate a few technical Coaster related terms into French it made sense, rather than getting a literal translation out of a dictionary, or a wrong one off Google Translate, to set up an International Dictionary for Roller Coaster related lingo, which I was hoping TPR's foreign language speaking members might assist with. Anybody should add any terms they think relevant in any language to the thread. It would be fairly cool if we could build up such a dictionary!


First terms I'm after (en Francais s'il vous plait):


Chain Lift

Linear Induction Motor

Linear Synchronous Motor


Roller Coaster Car

Hydraulic Launch

That should do for starters. Thanks in advance for any answers.

Now everyone else can add phrases and translations

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I recently visited family who had French guests and I asked one of the visitors if my google translation of roller coasters was right (Montagnes Russes) He said that it made sense but that he would simply say Olercoaster!


Also theme park - Park d'attractions

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Nope they don't have to be French. For my own purposes I needed French, but this thread is for every language!

log flume

suspended coaster

floorless coaster

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Gravity: Gravité

Chain Lift: montée a chaine

Linear Induction Motor: moteur a induction linéaire

Linear Synchronous Motor: moteur a induction synchronisé

Friction: Friction

Roller Coaster Car: wagon de montagne russe

Hydraulic Launch: propulsion hydraulique


Some more you may need...


Log Flume: this one has no direct translation, but if you were in Quebec, we'd use the term ''Pitoune'', which is the name of the log flume at La Ronde (Pitoune means either a freefloating log... or a hot girl). In France, they'd use un ''Flume'' or ''les buches''.


Suspended Coaster: montagne russe suspendue


Floorless Coaster: I personally use the litteral translation, cause I have never heard it used here. I use ''montagne russe sans plancher''.


Wooden Coaster: montagne russe en bois.

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Ahhh thank you.

We are actually starting to build some vocab now.

Incredibly, most of my own attempts at translations worked, somewhat surprisingly.

Thanks everyone.

Keep more languages coming!

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