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Peryton, named after a creature that is half stag, half bird. This was a coaster that I spent a bit of time on. I received a lot of crap at nolimits-exchange for the magnetic brakes before the second lift because they said magnetic brakes weren't realistic. Obviously they have never ridden The Beast.


Hopefully you enjoy and let me know what you think.


PS- yes I know some of the trees are rather close to the track, just haven't fixed that yet.


Peryton for NL




Top of Second Lift


Wide Shot

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I think the criticism about the brakes is that they're not straight. You've got a couple sections where there's a lateral curve with the magnetic brakes. They have to be straight or else the brake fins will scrape the side of the brakes. That's what your coaster does. You also have a few turns that are taken too quickly for the PTC trains. Check out the wheels in some quick transitions. They go through the part of the car above them. The transitions are better suited for Millennium Flyer trains.


You also need custom supports. None of your lateral turns have any extra support. People above already mentioned the G spikes. Your second lift hill is 15 mph. That's crazy for a wooden coaster. Unless it's El Toro with its elevator lift, but you don't give the impression that it is.


Keep working on it. The layout's pretty good, but it just needs work in lots of other areas.

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It's fun as hell, I'll give you that. But it has a lot of technical problems. (That's not to say its a bad ride, I really did enjoy it.)


As mentioned before, the curved magnetic brakes are a no-no. The same applies to any kind of brake or LIM really. The only place you could get away with brakes on a curve is if the curve is vertical and gentle. Also, (again, as mentioned before), some of your banking transitions are too abrupt for the PTC trains. I would also recommend using Millenium Flyers for rides like this. And some of your G's got just nuts after the second lift. Even outside of the red G spike, they shouldn't really get anywhere close to that high. Unless your using RMCCo Topper Track or Box Track, sustained forces over 3.5ish Gs will absolutely rape the track and create a maintenance nightmare.


But don't let me discourage you too much, your a new user, and you show a lot of promise. Keep trying. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

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