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Midway Park [RCT3]

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After doing America's Wonderland I decided to create a smaller traditional style park where only coasters and certain rides will actually get a customized station. To be honest I don't have as much patience in creating buildings as many of you might be and they usually come out average at best. With that said I bring you Midway Park.


The main gate with the park's iconic Giant Wheel in the distance. This is actually the inspiration for the park's logo.


The view down the main midway.


The view from the Giant Wheel end of the main midway.


Before I continue here is the lay of the land. Both major midways have an anchor attraction at each end. A secondary midway makes a complete circle around the park.


Central Fountain is the crossroads.


The South Midway consists of the main gate, carousel, Macabre Manor, and this, the Garden of Eatin' outdoor food court.


Macabre Manor is a park original and has entertained guests for almost 50 years.


Rumor has it the ride may be removed. Maintenance costs and vandalism have increased over the past several years.


The North Midway is home to the Athenian Ballroom. A major stop during the Big Band era, the building is now used for special events and private outings.


Mill Race was added in the late 70's in an effort to modernize the park.


To give the park more visibility the Midway Giant Wheel was added in the mid-1980's and anchors the North Midway.


The East Midway consists of an Eyerly Loop-o-Plane, the Scrambler, Cosmic Chaos (Huss Booster), and Zierer Wave Swinger. Anchoring this midway is the Thunderbolt wood coaster.


T-Bolt was built in the 40's and has seen some considerable upgrades like air brakes and new trains. A multi-year retracking is planned to begin next year.


Because of its modest size, T-Bolt is the most popular ride in the park.


View looking towards the West Midway. This midway is home to the Paratrooper (moved to make way for Mill Race), a Polyp, Huss Enterprise, and the anchor attraction, Patriot.


The owners took a risk adding Patriot. This Arrow loop screw paid off for them when they added it in 1981.


Other attractions at Midway Park include the Par 3 Adventure Golf.


Parkwood Amphitheater


Raging Seas, a Mack Sea Storm.


The Tagada, a first for an American park.


After a looong dry spell in the coaster department, the owners added the Motocross Turbo Bikes for 2010.


While many of the younger guests wanted something bigger and more thrilling, the park opted for something more family friendly. It's been a big hit.

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Thanks for the comments. Sorry I didn't respond sooner as I was prepping for the park's 2011 season.


Speaking of which, no new rides will debut in 2011, figuring the Motocross coaster could still be very marketable for another season. Midway Park is responding to the many guest surveys they conducted this past season and the overwhelming consensus is that the guests want more variety in the food department therefore that is the direction they are taking. Not to worry, a major ride will be debuting in 2012.


This is the site of one of the two new food locations as of the end of the 2010 season.


It didn't take long for the crews to clear the site.


On that site will be Crosby's-on-the-Midway, an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Here's a peek through the window at Crosby's.


We are also opening a Chinese restaurant, the Mandarin Cafe, behind the Tagada (just don't eat then ride immediately after).


We are also going to open a large gift shop, the Midway Mercantile, across from the carousel.


An evening view of Midway Mercantile, probably one of my better buildings. The building is currently empty. Anyone know of any good gift shop CSO?

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I'm moving ahead into the future...


It's 2012 and adrenaline is once again flowing through the park. New for this year is only the third installation of this type of ride in America - the Intamin Half Pipe. It's name - Turmoil.


To put Turmoil in we had to relocate the Thunder Bobs, which we placed across from the Enterprise. We wanted a big ride but in a small footprint to help draw more guests to the North Midway. The following are a few pics from the 2012 season.


There is something new in the park skyline.


This photo taken on Media Day.


The view from the queue.


This is a still photo from footage taken on-ride by the local television station.


Turmoil graces the front of our brochures this year. The tag line used in our radio/TV promos is "Things are about to get vertical."


Macabre Manor has seen another reprieve though rumors continue to persist.



One thing we strive for at Midway Park is that we look to add unique rides not found in many other parks, like the Mad Mixer.


A postcard view of Patriot.



A train load of Thunderbolt riders on the first drop.


Finally an overview of the park showing how Turmoil makes it's mark on the skyline.

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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


Here's the latest at Midway Park. Attendance and revenue have steadily increased over the past few years that the park has seen numbers it hasn't seen in quite some time. The aggressive marketing of the park, especially since we added Turmoil, which gave us a great shot in the arm to move forth with our five year plan, have lead to much word of mouth well beyond the local region. This update covers the next four years 2013-2016.


Welcome back. It's now 2013 and it's going to be the wettest season in park history.


Splash Dasher, a custom Hopkins chutes ride, debuts this season. Kind of fits in with Raging Seas, which is on the bottom of the photo.


To some riders the splash is not TPR acceptable.


2013 also meant the demise of Macabre Manor. A big farewell weekend was given in late August resulting in long lines. We also offered guided walk through tours for guests to get a chance to get up close to the props and some last photo ops.


2014 saw the debut of Perilous Peak, an S&S Turbo Drop.


2015's new attraction was placed on the former location of Macabre Manor. While not exactly a "kiddieland", Family Kingdom added four smaller rides the family can ride together.


What a contrast from the dark and ominous look of Macabre Manor.


Jumping Jack, a Moser Spring Ride, seems to be the most popular ride.


Based on the crowds it is a very welcomed addition to Midway Park. We are already discussing expanding the area in the very near future.


2015 also saw the end to Patriot. After 34 years of service we decided to remove the attraction and ready the spot for 2016's new ride. We auctioned off the last rides, which benefited the local children's hospital.


Now it's 2016 and this view of the main midway was taken the evening before we opened for the season.


New for 2016 - Intrepid, the biggest ride addition in Midway Park history.


This Bolliger and Mabillard sit down coaster was conceived back when Turmoil debuted in 2012. It features five inversions.


Intrepid makes a bold statement on the West Midway. The folks at B&M were a little apprehensive at first with creating a ride for us since we are still a relatively small park and weren't sure if we could fully pay for the ride.

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