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Cedar Point June 9/10 PTR

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Just this Tuesday night me and my friend Zach decided we wanted to go to Cedar Point. So we called up his ex-girlfriend which I think is his girlfriend again, and told her to drive us because her car gets better gas mileage than mine (I only get 12mpg...) I also invited Mitchell which is my cousin and also a coaster enthusiast.


I stayed the night at Zach's apartment and and we all left at like 7AM. We had to go to Kings Island first cause we wanted to ride Diamondback and Zach's girlfriend Aleesha needed to upgrade her gold pass to platinum. After we quickly got that done, we waited for ERT to begin. We got the first train of the day, and the front car. Kinda sucked though cause it was raining and it hurt like hell. After our Diamondback ride they closed it cause of rain, so we went to Beast! Beast was open until we were about to get into the train, when it than closed. We waited like two minutes than told some of the ride opts. were going to Cedar Point and left, they found it kinda funny.


So we just rode Diamondback and than drove to Cedar Point. The drive was about three hours from KI to CP which went by pretty fast. We got to CP at like either 2PM. or 3PM. what ever time it was, the park wasn't too busy. We parked by Magnum like always and rode it first which was a complete walkon. After that I know we rode Gemini & Mean Streak (why not..?) which were both walkons. After that we rode Maverick which was the longest line of the day at 30 minutes. After that I don't really know what we rode in what order, but that day we rode...


Magnum-XL200: 1

Gemini: 1

Mean Streak: 1

Skyhawk: 1

Maverick: 2

Millennium Force: 2

Mantis: 1

Iron Dragon: 1

Corkscrew: 1

Top Thrill Dragster: 1

Raptor: 1

Wicked Twister: 1

MaXair: 1

Disaster Transport: 1

Giant Wheel: 1

Skyride: 1

Blue Streak: 1


And we also ended up getting last train of the night on Millennium Force on my favorite seat (2:1)! So kinda cool to have the first Diamondback train of the day, and the last Millennium Force train of the night on the same day!


Okay, here are the photos I took on day 1!




This photo kinda looks like the last one... but it isn't the same, I swear!


This also looks the same, but I like this one better


Love love love this one!


"Hey wasn't there supposed to be a heartline roll here?"


"There was but they took it off and put it on THE Geminis"


(If you think I'm being serious, I'm not, it's a joke)


I wish it wasn't blurry!


My very first look ever of Shoot the Rapids in person


Millennium Force was barley in my top 10 steel, but after riding in 2-1, I LOVE MF, and it's almost as good as I305...


Really... anyone who says MF doesn't have airtime or isn't forceful, RIDE this seat! Your opinion will change!!!


Mantis... yay


Georgia Scorcher>Iron Wolf>Mantis>Vortex


Kinda cool view of skyride


I like this view even better


Corkscrew was one of my favorite Arrow loopers because of 6-1 you get two moments of great airtime, but it is pretty rough!


This was one of those photos I thought would be nice, but I took it and ended up not liking it


Bird crap the coaster


My camera wasn't taking as good of photos this day as it was previous days at Holiday World


I never really cared for Blue Streak until I rode in 2-1 and 2-2, those seats are smooth and provide pretty good ejector airtime!




Cedar Point should make this a drop tower! (I'm partially kidding)


Wicked Twister>Vertical Velocity


Are my greater/lesser than things annoying yet? Good!


I would kinda like this photo if the sun glare wasn't all in the way


And this would be a good photo if a train was in it!


Twisted Wicker




yellow yellow yellow GREEN


*sound that TTD makes*


Something about falling 420' I love...


Okay, is it just me, or when you get launched do you feel airtime? Like not out of your seat kinda airtime, but the sensation of it? I'm guessing thats the acceleration G-forces?


Theres me with the black Diamondback shirt, and Mitchell with the ugly green non-coaster shirt...


Starlight Experience!


Shoot the Rapids at night (sorry for the blur, I don't have a tripod, so I just sat it on a trashcan)


Heres one last photo! I'm kinda tired so I'll post the second day photos tomorrow!

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Awesome TR except I feel kind of stupid cause I dont understand seat codes like 2-1. What exactly does this mean? I'm mainly asking cause I dont know which seat the arrow "magic seat" is... I can never figure it out. Cedar Point is a VERY photogenic park!

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Awesome TR except I feel kind of stupid cause I dont understand seat codes like 2-1. What exactly does this mean? I'm mainly asking cause I dont know which seat the arrow "magic seat" is... I can never figure it out. Cedar Point is a VERY photogenic park!

Thanks! The little 'codes' like 2-1 would mean the front row of the second car. The first number is the car, and the second number is the row. And on Arrows, usually the best seat is the front seat of the last car.

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After our first night at Cedar Point this year we ordered some pizza from Domino's (which was actually some of the best pizza I've ever had). We set an alarm for 8AM. and fell asleep probably around 2AM.


I don't know why or how, but our alarm clock didn't ever go off. Luckily I just happened to wake up at like 8:56AM. I knew we wouldn't make it for most of ERT, but we got about 30 minutes! We were wanting to park by the marina entrance and enter there and go to Millennium Force, but the marina parking lot said it's for boat people only. So we parked by Magnum and rode Maverick first. After that we wanted to go to Top Thrill Dragster and try to get the first train but we didn't make it on time and ended up riding Magnum. Just like yesterday, I don't remember what order we did everything, so I'll just say what we rode and than post the photos!


Maverick: 2

Tilt-a-whirl: 1

Paddle Wheel Excursion: 1

Magnum-XL200: 2

Top Thrill Dragster: 1

Power Tower Drop: 1

Raptor: 1

Blue Streak: 1

Wicked Twister: 1

Troika Troika Troika: 1

Snake River Falls: 1

Skyhawk: 1

CP&LERR: 3 (or 1 1/2)

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: 1




No airtime...


...Painful airtime


Notice anything?


For some reason I find Magnum's ending kinda funny


Top Thrill Dragster... yeah


My camera usually automatically flips the photo over so it's right side up, but for some reason a few photos I took didn't flip over. This being one.


Kings Island recently added random flag poles and an arch in Planet Snoopy. I'm guessing this is what will be on the flag poles.


Even though everyone says TTD is much better than Kingda Ka, I'm still really excited to hopefully ride it later this summer!


I do think TTD will be better though


Cedar Point's Tilt-a-Whirl which was actually pretty fun! Ever since I rode Gotham City Crime wave in 2006 at SFOG, I've been afraid to go on spinny rides, but now I'm trying out new rides and I found out that I love Tilt-a-Whirls!


Gemini not racing!


We all laughed when we saw this! Although I'm sure most enthusiasts find it funny, I don't think the GP knows what trim breaks are.


Here was my attempt at a group photo. Everyone besides me looked away...


Maverick doing it's thing


Not a too special photo, but I kinda like it


I feel like a creeper taking photos of strangers on rides


I like to see the funny expressions some people make! Wow... that sounded very creepy


Another one of those photos I liked in my head, but took it and ended up not caring for it


This did include the whole second half of the horseshoe roll, but I cropped most of it out. I think it looks better now


This would be like the best moment of airtime ever if it wasn't for the horrible restraints that slowly get tighter and end up squishing your thighs


While on Paddle Wheel Excursion I heard someone say Shoot the Rapids was a coaster lol


Today (well yesterday I guess) most the water was drained for some reason


One of the best drops ever


Kinda makes me miss Intimidator 305 because I actually almost greyed out on the turn at the bottom of the drop


I still don't know if I like the 95º drop or this hill more


Adventure Express>Carolina Goldrusher> Dahlonega Mine Train> Cedar Creek Mine Ride


Didn't get to ride Wildcat this visit


It was perfect outside, about 80º, sunny, and the water must of been warm if people were swimming in it! I really wanted to go to the beach, but I'd rather ride coasters


While in line for Raptor we saw this happy seagull enjoying the weather, haha! Than at Blue Streak we saw another one that was doing the same thing only it fell asleep


Montu>Afterburn>Raptor>Batman SFGAm>Batman SFOG


I usually don't care for Blue Streak, but after riding in 2-1 and 2-2, I love it!


Corkscrew screwing people over the midway... wait that sounds wrong


When the train rolls back I ask them "How long is the line" They take a second to react, than they turn towards me and say "We waited"...*train launches* and they probably hurt their neck lol


Arms down, arms, arms, ar, ar, arms do, arms down


117... I always thought it had to go 120 to make it over the top hat because back in 2003 (the only other time I've seen the speed thing work) it was almost always at 123


I'll end this photo with some of Cedar Point's skyline. Sorry it's not all of it and not even all the way focused, I stood my camera out of the sun roof to take it lol

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I was on the Diamondback train with you. I was in the back row with the blue jacket and TPR shirt on. I unfortunately had a sunburned forehead from the previous day at Holiday World and the rain felt like someone was jabbing needles into my head. I was also waiting for the back row at Beast when I heard you guys leave, the girl ride-op couldn't understand at all why you guys had left.

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That is the Best Cedar Point TR I have ever seen! I loved the pics of the rides and places around the park you don't normally see! What do you mean by Millenium Force seat 2:1?????

Thanks! If you mean what seat is 2:1, it's the front row of the second car. It's the best because the whole ride your feet are pretty much stuck to the ground (it's that forceful!), and every hill besides the lift hill/drop you get really good airtime! Before I discovered that seat I almost always sat in the back or very front and MF was barley in my top 10, but now it's like #2 or #3 steel.



Awesome trip report dude. I can't wait to go to Cedar Point myself!

Thanks, yeah I'm already planning my next visit.


Heading out to Cedar Point June 29 - July 2 for a 4 day trip! Really cannot wait!


I hope STR is open by then though...

Awesome, have fun! I wouldn't count on it being open...



Nice photos, I'm starting to realizing how photogenic CP really is lately.


I don't really have the urge to get to CP any time soon, although I could always stop by to get a few rides on their Schwarzkopf.

Thanks, me too. Although Cedar Point is not near my favorite park, I still get very excited to visit and never want to leave. Yes theres many things the park lacks, but they do have Wicked Twister, Raptor, Millennium Force, Maverick, Gemini, Magnum, and Top Thrill Dragster, all really good coasters!


I was on the Diamondback train with you. I was in the back row with the blue jacket and TPR shirt on. I unfortunately had a sunburned forehead from the previous day at Holiday World and the rain felt like someone was jabbing needles into my head. I was also waiting for the back row at Beast when I heard you guys leave, the girl ride-op couldn't understand at all why you guys had left.

I'm pretty sure I saw you. We were in a hurry to get to Cedar Point, but we wanted to get a few rides on Diamondback first (and my friend Zach and Aleesha needed to upgrade to Platinum). I got first train of the day front seat (which lately I've been getting first/last trains every visit for some reason) and it hurt really bad. I've ridden Diamondback in the rain many times, but never in the front. And I never will again!

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