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RCT2 Project

Is this design looking good so far?  

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  1. 1. Is this design looking good so far?

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Okay, well I don't have 8cars, but I'll try my best to help you. IMO, you should change all of the supports to the ones seen around that helix in the beginning. Also add some footers to your supports, it will make them look much more realistic. I can help you more once I know what theme you're trying to pull off.

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I agree. You've got a little too high hopes if you're serious about wanting to win an NE accolade when this is your first work. Short steps are the key, start out with mini parks and designs and learn from the best. Download previous winners and analyze them, and then start on your own designs. It's going to take a while, don't be too eager.

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Great news! Layout essentially finished, ride set up for track merging, and rookie support work almost finished! The ride has a tunnel over a road like Ravine Flyer II. It has several merges to the Parkitect SkyRider's Giga track. If you want the SkyRider, it is somewhere in the topic for Stoksy's Excitement Point. He says it is the only place to download it. Please make criticism consturctive!



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