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[RCT3] Saw: The Ride

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Hello everyone!


I don't know if you remember me, but I did a Mystery Mine recreation a few years ago.


I have decided to do another recreation of Saw: The Ride. However, I have not been on the ride, so I only have pictures to go from. I have the basic layout of what's going on, but not a fully understanding.


I would like someone who is familiar with the ride and the layout to help me with it. Your help will be much appreciated!


Thank you!




MOD EDIT: I changed the title of the thread to make this more descriptive.

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Hi there.


Try this link, it will direct you to download a No Limits recreation of Saw: The Ride. This is most definitely the most accurate recreation I have found on the web



Alternatively, try Thorpe Park's page on YouTube!


Good Luck, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress



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Hey, sorry about the delay, but I have been super busy the past week, and haven't had enough time to pop in.


Thank you for the link...but I'm just curious, does that work for the demo, as I do not have No Limits.




I have finished the first trial run of the track layout, and have some pictures to show you. Please remember that I am going to be adding scenery once the track layout is perfect.


1) http://f.imagehost.org/download/0448/Shot0001 (Overview)


2) http://f.imagehost.org/download/0659/Shot0003 (Inside the building).


3) http://f.imagehost.org/download/0965/Shot0005


Any suggestions for improvement?


I also have some other requests.


First, I found this fantastic looking custom Eurofighter cars, and downloaded them, but I cannot get them to work in the game. I have Soaked and Wild, and have multiple copies floating around in the RCT3 program files. Here is the link: http://www.dasmatze.de/rct/page.php?65. Any help would be amazing.


I have also been on the look out for spiked walls for the first trap in the building. Does anyone have some, or know someone who is wicked at designing custom scenery for RCT3?


Thank you so much, and please give me some feedback as to how it looks, or if there is anything I'm missing with regards to the track layout.


Take care!



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He's using the Extended Coaster Model to build it. It alows you to have a more than vertical drop and have inversions with one working coaster. The track design itself isn't right as it's B&M but, RCT3 sucks for that reason! I don't know what a 'Towering Coaster' is though...


So far, it is looking brilliant. I love the swinging blades.

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Hello everyone!


Thanks for the comments!!


I'm sorry for not updating. I took recent pictures with changes, and forgot to post them before I went home lol.


So here they are:


1) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0246/Shot0010


2) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0080/Shot0011


3) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0655/Shot0012_2


4) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0759/Shot0013


I changed the inside bit of the coaster because I didn't like the complete black with the coaster. I also added the queue and exit paths. What do you think? Is it accurate?


I'm going to be working on the exterior until I get more information and scenery for the indoors part. I'm still looking for the spinning saw blades at the bottom of the first drop and the spike wall trap.


If you have these scenery packs, or know where I can get them, please let me know.


comments welcome!

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Prototype exterior scenery, including lift hill!!


1) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0534/Shot0014


2) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0591/Shot0015


3) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0937/Shot0016


4) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0259/Shot0017


5) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0829/Shot0018


6) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0021/Shot0019


Comments welcome! I don't know when I will be able to work on it again, but I think it will be Friday.

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Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been through a not so good week (ex. working a 6 day stint and almost getting evicted from my apartment). Anyways, I'm going to be working on the coaster tomorrow, so I'll post some pictures then! Also, I'm trying to find a Saw the Ride CS pack because a little birdy told me there was one. If someone can help, that would be awesome!!

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I tried looking there a couple times, and I did find some other things that will be useful to me. I found the spinning blades, and a WIP CSO for the other scenery objects for this ride, so I just need to wait for it to be released.


Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties, so I only have a small update today:


1) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0328/Shot0020


2) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0286/Shot0021


3) http://g.imagehost.org/download/0608/Shot0022



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It's getting there. Still needs quite a bit of work on the terrain but there's no need to rush. Can I reccomend that you take a bit more time on your updates instead of just doing a load of work and rushing to post it.

I'm glad you found the website useful. I use it all the time, it's better than nagging people for links to sets.

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Thanks! Unfortunately, for now, there are only 2 days out of the week that I can work on it, so that's how my updates are going to work, because that is when I am at my computer that has RCT3 and everything I need. If the terrain needs work, can you please help me? I haven't found pictures of it. I also have no clue if the queue is right. I'll be getting the CSO later...as I found it, but it isn't released yet. I'll be working on it tomorrow, so some new pictures will be up then.

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