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Anyone need No Limits help?

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Yes i have tried everything to get it to show my scenery, i tried pulling it up and everthing i could think of. I cant get the tools to move the scenery on any of the views apart from the top view. But then for some strange reason it shows the 1 scenery object way way off the map and i cant move it or do anything to it apart from delete it.


Thanks for your help any way



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Is there ANY way you can get a different type of train design for a track?


or just a different track design...I really don't think that the intamin track that you can use is good at all if you are making a rocket coaster...the brakes just piss me off.


For the moment you will have to stick to the existing available track styles in NL, these carrying the according trains. There are no Intamin launch coasters (yet?) so you'll have to "misuse" the existing hypers for any launched one.

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