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Mini Photo TR to SFNE 4/11/08

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Today I went to Six Flags New England's Dry run. They essentially let the team members invite guest to come for free and sample while they practice. I took a few pics of improvements. It was too overcast to get any great coaster shots. I'll be there again soon to get the glory shots.


my first stop was at guest relations. I asked about parking passes and they didn't have them yet....?! So yeah. While I was there, the kiddy helecopters got stuck.





TDK construction photo. Not much to say. Just building framework.




Johnny Rockets instead of the superhero grill.



Construction on Hall of Justice and TDK has the path from DC to Wiggles blocked.



new pizza stand and cold stone



Did you know after 50 years, Eli Bridge scrambers must have their cars replaced? its a manufacterer's standard. : p So this year they're silver and new.


Anyways, I hit scream, SupermanROS, Pandamonium, Cyclone, Blizzard River and Batman.


No big complaints. SROS bunny hills got really rough. Cyclones mid ride breaks kinda dulled down the ride. Hurt a bit too.


No lines though. Pity it only lasted for two hours.

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Thanks for the update.


I was going to go today but I heard people saying that SROS would not be running still.


I got my parking pass at SFGA last week, they just added the word "parking" to my season pass.


Looking at your pics, they are way behind Great Adventure for thier new ride.


Hope they get that mess all straightened out.



Peace, Big Mike





Peace, Big Mike

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