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WDW's no expiration tickets

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Somethings to think about when purchasing the 10 day no expiration ticket from WDW.

1. If you don't use all of the days on your tickets you have to keep the hard ticket to get the rest. Our tickets are our room keys and luck may have it we kept them. But on other trips I just threw them away. No room key no more left over days.


2. If you want to use the meal plan you have to first stay in an on property resort and at minamum purchase a 1 day entry into the parks or you can't use the meal plan. So, even though you have extra days on the ticket you still have to purchase a seperate ticket.


3. If you purchased a child's ticket and the child is over 10 you have to upgrade that ticket to and adult ticket at todays price not the price when you purchased it. From what I understand it's a true hassel also and can only be done at the Downtown customer service booth or the entry's into the parks. That means they can't handle this at your on-site hotel.


4. Finally, they will issue a seperate ticket for your new tickets that will be paper not plastic. They also can't add it to your new room key, so you have to carry around a paper ticket (in my case 5 days) as well as your room key which will have 1 day if you want the dinning plan.


I asked the consultant on the phone why they can't make this any easier and she said there are just to many people and the computers can't handle the amount. What??????

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I don't totally get the point of this post. You're obviously talking about a specific situation for you.


Robb and I have 10 day no expiration park hoppers with the waterpark and more fun option and they've been nothing but amazing! We each have a paper ticket, and every time we're done at WDW we go to Guest Relations for them to tell us what's left on our tickets!

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^Yeah, I'm going to agree. I've been buying the 10 day no expire tickets for awhile, and have been really happy with them. I have not found it to be a hassle at all. One time I was down there I got a free three day ticket for attending a convention (perks for press rule!), and that was a separate one, so I just carried both. No big deal.


And I can totally understand the "stay in a room/buy admission" for the meal plan, because otherwise it would be chaos. Plus, I think it's a good thing to give people that stay on property something extra that you cannot get if you don't stay there. I still wish they'd go to making your room key a Fastpass if you stay at one of the upper end hotels. Maybe someday...



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