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Once again, I want the logo maker! lol, I hate my computer for not letting it download!


Oh, and have a told you how AMAZING your park looks?


dang yo, im mad you cant get the creator, well now i dont feel that that I cant use billboards...lol.

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It a shame that the ride has those ugly space backgrounds It would look so much better if they weren't there..



I know and I didnt even realize taht after I built it, I might think about replacing it with another thrill ride.. but we will se.

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I have some bad news guys, for some strange reason, PFW will not load on my PC anymore. I am really PISSED. I'm not sure what happened, I played it last night, and saved like all the others times when I play. So I tried to load it this evening, and it went to loading active objects to about 4%, then it just stops. The box pop up that says... not exactly the same wording, but it was something like... RCT3 has stopped. microsoft will notify you if there is any fix to the problem. And I didn't download anything from last night till now, and don't know what happened. You know if you ever down loaded someone elses park, and you don't have all their CS, then it would shut down, and the box will pop up, its that same message. So I don't know what to do.... I am highly upset... I put so much into this park, and I'm not starting over again. I really wanted to cry... if anyone know any solutions on trying to help me out, please do, and I want to thank EVERYONE that supported me and my park, sorry espcially to DBRU, I know you really luved this park.

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I know dude, I couldn't believe it when I read this! Grrr...


I would be so p'd off if my game started doing that. But maybe the problem will be fixed by itself?




But it was amazing while it lasted...

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Hello everyone, GOOD NEWS...I fixed my problem, thank you Jesus. I was so hurt by it... but I went on Atari, to get a fix. What had seemed to happen was when I saving it, I don't it scanned everything, before I completely saved it. So in future reference, make sure that u let it scan everything before its saved. Heres the link just in case this happens to someone else....






So you know waht that mean, PFW is up and running again, update should be up relly soon today.

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Now we are back to Caution's progress.




The station is almost completed, just really need to add lights.





WoooW, look at he Rabbit's Tail...




Caution had to go thorugh a major rehab, due to the supports strucure/system, a lot had to be replaced, its new look!






Q-Line, not completed.

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unfourtantly we had to change the name due to marketing reason....


The new name now is Caution:Can you stand the Siren.


Here we go with the effects...



Nightvison/Alarm the Sirens...




The underground path leading into Caution.





Station with lights completed.





The Lift









Inclined loop




Corkscrew/Rabbits Tail








...Hope you enjoyed Caution alarm it's Siren. Adventure Village is almost completed, We should be moving on to our new are really soon, hopefully by the weekend... I was kinda getting a lil tired of looking at it...lol.

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It's beautiful... but I miss the other slogan! lol


Thanks, I did too, but some made a good point...


"Shouldn't it be SOUND the alarm


cause, when you SOUND an alarm, you usually hear a siren...just a TAD bit confused on your namesake there..."

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