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NoLimits Coaster News!

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The demo seems to be running smoothly for me.


In the simulator, I'm getting drastic frame drops in the Timberliner park, probably because of the supports or grass. But other than that it's going decently well, my MacBook is handling it with the fans running at full speed.


The editor works as expected with the control-point method, but it's hard for me to get a sense of height and scale. Also, is testing coasters in the editor disabled in the demo?


I'll definitely be buying this as soon as discount information is released.

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^You can test them but they have to be under 10 vertices or you can't save them. and what you can't save you can't test.


(I got the demo working, by the way. On one of my computers, anyway).


Framerate drops significantly for me when grass and water and lots of other things are all in view, making for bi differences in framerates, but... Overall it's working, looking good, and I'm totally getting the full version as soon as they say how to buy it with the NL1 discount, already!

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