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Type:Vekoma Motorbike Coaster

Top Speed: 49 Mph

Top Height: 48 Ft.

Features: Water Splash-Launch-

Trains: Would be like Pony Express @ Knotts]

Stations: 2

Trains: 3

Cars Per Train: 4

Color Scheme: Light Brown Track & Ties - Supports: Grey



This coaster is the second of its kind to be built. (The first being at Knotts) The cars would be like Pony Express, but differing from all other motor coasters, this one has a unique watersplash. (Does not affect the speed of the ride). You launch off at around 40 MPH, going into a large turn around. You then come down and up over the launch, doing a crossover element. You then come down into the watersplash reaching maximum speed. You then come up out of the watersplash, into a large helix, and then up right and down into the brakes.


Tunnel Tested

Hand Smoothed

Auto Flanges

Custom Supports


Please Enjoy Your Ride On - Roundup!

Rates/Comments/Criticism are highly appreciated!


Roundup! Enjoy your ride!

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