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Parc Astérix Planned for Oct

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I'm planning a long weekend from London to Paris via the Eurostar train sometime in Oct. I'll take a day off work on the Friday, check into the hotel and on Sat morning catch the Parc Astérix shuttle bus, return to the Hotel, catch the train back to London on the Sunday evening.


I've never been to this park before and I have heard reports that their coaster "Tonnerre de Zeus" is an amazing ride. I'll pull down the "Buzzbar" 1-click to see how much I get.


Zeus is the bigger badder brother / sister to Megaphobia which is at Oakwood.


As for riding "Goudurix", I'll wear a neck brace....


What is the Park like in Oct, are the Q lines quite short as I want to ride "Tonnerre de Zeus" as many times as possible.


If I manage to do this trip I will post some pic's.

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I'll pull down the "Buzzbar" 1-click to see how much I get.


I hope you follow whatever the rules are at Asterix. A lot of parks are already looking upon us "out of town roller coaster weirdos" with suspicion.


In my experience leaving too much space with a ratcheting lapbar just alerts the op that he/she needs to staple you more than he/she otherwise would have.

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I've been to Parc Asterix a good few times and was actually there in June. I don't about October, but the smallest queue I have seen for TDZ is 45 mins. It's normally about an hour.

When I was there in June they were only running one train and it was actually a 2 hour wait from the 1 hour point, and as soon as we got to the front, thats right, they put on the the 2nd train! Oh yeah, go for the back!


Goudurix, I would say aim for the middle/back. But not right back! Thats always about 30-45min wait, but completely empties nearer the end of the day, as people are mostly aiming for one last ride on TDZ. The front is definitely the worst place to sit. My friend and I went to the very front and for the duration of the ride we were screaming in pain. Literally! Plus the pain doesn't go away for a good while after riding.

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I was at Parc Asterix last year in september on a weekday.


TDZ queue was 15-20 minutes and we rode it 6-7 times. Gouderix queue was 30-45 minutes and we rode it once. The bobsled (can't recall the name) was 10-15 minutes aswell and we rode it 5 times, or something.


Fun day, nice park.

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