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Favorite 600 Park!!  

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  1. 1. Favorite 600 Park!!

    • Western Wonder
    • Forest of Despair
    • Riverside Park
    • Africana

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here is my african themed park, Africana. enjoy


EDIT: i noticed that my park is bigger than the rest but it can go any smaller. i don't know why but i think there is a glitch because if i make it on its smallest it freezes and i have to reset my computer.


Download and Enjoy!










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Well i'm gonna say that all entries are due by Saturday. Because I leave for all next week so that'll be when the judging will be going on. So right now I'll type out the List of what I believe to be the entries so far. Lemme know if I missed you.


1. Corkscrewy - Western Wonder

2. CoasterNut 17 - Forest of Despair

3. riccoaster - Riverside Park

4. Worm - Africana


So as of now i believe those are the entrants. So you guys have till Saturday to come up with something still



Oh and heres the download for my park. haha almost forgot.

Western Wonder.zip

Western Wonder

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If you had a flash drive i think that would be able to transfer them. And i'm not sure what u mean by that, are you asking how I put the download up??


Well, I think I could figure it out. Copy, Send to, all that jazz. But yes, thanks on how to transfer them! That's pretty much what I needed help with. I'll have it up within a few days! (maybe).

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