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Children Dragged Exiting Amusement Park Ride

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DAYTON, Ohio -- At least three children were hurt in a Dayton amusement park ride, officials said.


A kids' ride at RiverBlast in Dayton jolted forward Saturday night as children were exiting, dragging some of the children along in a circle until the ride was shut off, witnesses said.


A 6-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl were taken by ambulance to Children's Medical Center of Dayton, where they were treated for cuts and abrasions.


Tasha Strickland, a cousin of the two girls, said there were about 12 children on the ride.


"I don't see how some kids didn't get hurt worse," she said.


Other parents drove their children to the hospital. Andrietta Bearfield, speaking as she arrived at the medical center with her 1-year-old, called the situation at the park "chaotic."


Also, the mayor of a suburban Dayton city was treated at Kettering Medical Center after the mini grand prix race car he was driving was struck twice Saturday afternoon.


Kettering mayor Don Patterson was injured after a first collision tipped his car on its side, and a second caused the mini-car to roll over, sending Patterson headfirst onto the track.


He was released from the hospital Saturday after he was treated for bumps and bruises, his wife, Maureen, said.

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Here's another local article about it:


Children Injured At River Blast In Dayton

The Dayton Fire Department said several children were injured at the amusement park ride at River Blast in Dayton Saturday evening.


The ride was for kids smaller than 4 feet tall and featured cars and motorcycles.


As children were getting off of the ride it started moving again and dragged some of the children under the vehicles, a few witnesses said.


Some parents drove their children to Children’s Medical Center to check on their injuries.


Sounds like a kid's carousel ride. Hope everyone is ok. My brother was there and he never said anything about it.

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Sounds like a Hampton Umbrella ride combo. I operated one of those about 14 years ago at a carnival. Not sure how it could operate on its own. Most machinery needs two devices to operate it, so this paticular ride had a hand held switch and a foot pedal that you had to hold down simutaniously to operate the ride.

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