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This is probably the quickest I have ever turned a coaster out, less than 24 hours from starting



I'm not going to give any more screens, or it'll give too much of the layout away, which would defeat the purpose of designing it in the way I have.

Its designed to follow the terrain as closely as possible. There may be some minor G problems, but my simulator is odd, sometimes I get a great ride, sometimes its full of G spikes!



Trail Blazer.nltrack


For the best experience, ride it at sunset, or in light foggy conditions.

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^ I do! My sim is random!


On the vekoma flyers, no matter how hard I create a pull out, it never registers above 1.6Gs


The other coasters are pretty hit and miss though! Most of the time it is fine, then I get a random G spike later when I re-ride it lol.


could you post a video of an onride of the ride?

I don't have the full version of Fraps, so I can only record 30 seconds at a time, making a POV difficult, and due to the high volume of trees, Fraps rarely goes above 5fps anyways!


I'll put a few more screen shots up for you tomorow.

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