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Wait Wait Wait... I gotta know!


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Well, since it's already seems as though we're in it's decline, I guess we have no choice. At least that's how I feel after a trip to Knott's!


As far as bread goes....hmm...that's a good question.


If I'm having a pork rhinde sandwich - wheat.

Deep Fried Mayonaise sandwich - white


And rye would ANYONE want to eat rye bread?



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Hey! I would eat Rye Bread!!! (only dipped in ketchup though!)


I'm more of a plain old white bread girl...


As for civilization...DECLINE! At least we'll have some cool stuff as we go spiraling into the abyss!


Elissa "Mmmm Rye Bread and Ketchup" Alvey

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Actually Robb, grilled cheese on Rye with dill pickles melted into the cheese is a little piece of heaven here on earth. 8)


Could it be that all of society is slowly becoming a giant day at Knotts??? :shock: You've given me a whole new aspect to feed my paranoia. THEIR JAM IS EVERYWHERE... EVERY FREAKIN CRACKER BARREL I GO TO!!! THE LITTLE FARM AND BERRIES ARE THERE ON THE LABEL!

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