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  1. Thanks to everyone who voted and the TPR crew! This contest is always a good one and it just keeps getting better. The entries this year were awesomefied and really fun to watch! We have a great idea for a vid made exclusively for the contest next year. We need to get to work on that... along with finishing up about a million more vids for Whootah.com. WHOOT!
  2. Awesome TR Wes. Glad to hear the Dipper is still delivering the airtime pop!
  3. Wow! The videos are starting out with a bang this year. Really great! It's really great to see so many people getting into the creative side of these videos. It really inspires you to work harder with your own footage. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the next batch... Oh yea, WHOOTAH!!!!
  4. Yea, Jonathan and myself were in the next to last car front seat.
  5. If it did we sure didn't notice it. We got a ride in on DZ at about 3pm and everything was working fine.
  6. March 25 arrives and it's time for another opening day at our home park Carowinds! The local IHOP Serves up the morning breakfast. An opening day tradition! The whole Whootah Crew shows up for the morning grub Even Jay's brother managed to roll out of bed... literally Man, that hair could go on ebay for about $1000 The Miller's look on Even Roller "nuts" is there! We soon made our way out to the morning construction tour meeting area behind the park. You should try out a REAL one jon! Here's where the new wavepool will be going in! Jarvis's personal changing area is the small building on the left. There are some great views from the top of "The Abyss" Phil and Jon assume the position.... Uhh.. you might be there a while guys. It was definitly on the chilly side this year. The Crew stops for a shot at the entrance to Top Gun! Still one of the best inverts ever! Max had arranged the morning construction tour and joined the Whootah crew as we waited for the temperature to rise enough for the coasters to run. Soon all the rides were humming and we started the rounds! Eric (ChargerCrazy on CC) caught up with the crew and joined us for the day Jonathan prepares for a trip on Hurler which was runing really well. The retracking of the turns has really helped this coaster tremendously. The air-time was abundant even in the cold. The brain freeze starts to set in a little Rides on Hurler, Carolina Cyclone and the Flyers are followed by.... FOOD! Hello ladies. I'm am available at all coaster events if your looking for some real "ride" time. Jay adds a little "condiment" to his lunch! I'm really offended by Jay's "symbolic gesture" Ricochet allways delivers the goods. Jay finally meets his demise and is buried under the first drop of Vortex... as he would have wanted that way. What are you doing!!! Your suppose to be playing dead!!! But no! He's very much alive and surprised by the naked man behind the green curtain. Phil poses for a picture in front of the vintage poster of his uncle wilbur. Scooby is the dawg/man! Many rides later we finish our day with a final ride on Top Gun! Opening day was great! Thanks to everyone for everything. The season has officially begun!
  7. Hey everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that we have some new videos up from the Whootah Anniversary party. Some lost clips and crazy stop-motion stuff that Phil made. Also, Whootah.Com's first ever "Whootah.Com's Bachelor's Guide To Cooking!" We are ready for the new season and hope you'll say hi if you run into us at the parks. Check out the new stuff at http://www.whootah.com. Hello to all you crazy westcoaster peoples. TPR is awesomfied! Keep up the good work guys and gals.
  8. I have to agree with everyone here. $15.00 is absolutely ludicrous for parking! This will result in a guaranteed loss of attendance for the parks. Families of 3 to 4 WILL NOT pay this price more than once and will only pay it the first time because they will be unaware of the price initially. Perhaps that is the strategy... take advantange of the typical GP park goer who is ignorant to the "details". Good luck SF, your destined for bankruptcy!
  9. Just in time for the big holiday! You can check out the new 2005 WinterFest Video! http://www.whootah.com
  10. Whootah.com is nearing it’s 2nd anniversary in January 2006. Since the official launch of whootah.com January 24, 2004, we have over 30 videos under our name. In 2003, we started making videos, and horded them until our release party Jan 24 of the following year. We hosted a get together at Alans house, invited a bunch of people and watched all our videos up to date. We even made an introduction video for those unfamiliar with whootah.com. We performed various skits, read letters from our fans, and generally just made up stuff to waste time. In 2005 we also had a party, but didnt do much but watch all the existing videos. For 2006, we want to do another party where we’ll unveil a new anniversary video. We need Your help! CLICK HERE TO HELP!
  11. Congrats Soren! You have an experience ahead of you that's for certain. The wife, myself and friends will be at Disney next year for our 10th anniversary. We will have to track you down at the German Pavillion for a "German Guy wearing Lederhosen yelling 'WHOOTAH'" pic! You'll have a great time! Be sure to work on that VISA if you wish to stay. Everyone here will help out in any way they can... rest assured.
  12. I think it's a great idea! Now, if I could just get my hands on all the Dan "unnacceptable water" footage...
  13. Check out our latest video of the C3 - 2005 Event at: http://www.whootah.com/
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