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I have a three questions about Europa-park

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hi everyone I have some questions about europa-park in germany and the first question is probably alredy askexd but I could'nt found it anywhere.


question nr 1:

I heard thet they gonna get a new ride for 2007 is this true? if it is what kind of ride is it?


question nr 2:

do u have to stand a long time in the q-lines?


question nr 3:

im going there next year so I wanted to know what i should absolutly not miss if there are long lines tho the rides?

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Hi There!


Europa Park is the nicest park/resort in Germany so you're sure to have a great time. I would recommend spending 1.5-2 days at the park depending on what time of year you are going, also try and stay at one of their hotels. You'll get into the park early, and they're really fabulous!


1 - I haven't heard of anything 'major' for 2007, they are getting another Junior Size Roller Coaster for 2008.


2 - It depends when you go, what the weather is like, etc. We went in late June and our longest line was probably about 35 minutes for Atlantica Supersplash (new for that year). The park can get very crowded though.


3 - Go for 2 days and don't miss anything! There are so many cool things to explore that you just have to wander around!

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1: they are building a dark ride in Atlantica style.

2: they have a huge capp. so don't worry to much

3: make sure to hit the popular rides first so start with Poseidon and the new youngstar coaster pegasus and then walk to the back and work forwards.

Never start with silver star since almost everyone is doing that.

In the afternoon the line is a lot shorter then in the morning or evening @ silverstar.

The other coaster can be done in a half our wait and thats in the summer season

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