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Photo TR: Chicago, SFGA, Food, CORN MAZES and more FOOD!

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I have to agree that FF this year is really bad compared to last year. There are less people in Necropolis/ throughout the entire park scaring this year.


I don't think it was ...."Cypress Gardens Phobia" bad... it was just about what I expected from Six Flags. I thought it was odd that most of the scaractors were from an outside Halloween company that puts on events like this yet they had about as much energy and motivation scaring as if they *were* six flags employees that were moved from being a "Dipping Dots" salesman to "Werewolf" for the day..

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hey thanks for posting these pics guys. i used to live in Chicago for 10 years, before I moved back to the UK in 2005...so I really do miss it, especially the city. SFGAm has always had a really rubbish Fright Fest....nowhere near as good as any of the other parks.


thanks again!


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You should have gone on Sunday of that weekend!!! not only was It like 75 degrees (kinda weird for the midwest) but the crowd was managable and we got on all but 2 coasters! That is including Deja Vu!!!! (granted it was my first time) Over all my girlfriend and I had a great day and were impressed by how well they were handling the crowd!

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