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  1. I haven't used k'nex in some time, however you should be able to solve this by using one of those gray connectors that are one sided with a hole on the other. Use one on either end of the brace so it can pivot to whatever angle you need on either side so it can pivot on both ends.
  2. Well the track was alright. If you are going for more of a B+M feel I'd suggest you heartline the track though and use elementary or spend more time on the shaping to get smoother transitions.
  3. A lot of pumping and failed tunnel test atleast 29 places.
  4. I thought it was a pretty good layout I thought that the pacing was kind of poor though. The parts that stuck out that could have been faster were the pre-lift section, as well as the turn around after the second hill. Other parts seemed kind of slow as well but those two stuck outt he most. What stuck out as positives in your ride though were the double downs/ups. the first drop kind of had me like "wtf that was it?" then came the second half.
  5. Why not just go down state to magic mountain and save yourself a lot of money?
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