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  1. Samsung m21. Decent phone for his price (around 200$), 6000mah battery,energy beast Full HD display,4/64, thats all I needed. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://isaccurate.com/arabic-translation-services
  2. Playing gta v online now..Waiting for ps5 release ^^ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who is there?! https://thewordpoint.com/services/certified/high-school-certificates
  3. Wiley - Godfather 1 (2017) and SOAD - Mezmerize/Hypnotize (2005)
  4. The last movie Ive watched was sea of love with Pacino starring. Mixture of detective and comedy. 10/10 for me, as every Pacino movie
  5. last time I drank a beer was a half year go,oh crap... I think I was drinking something sweet,fruity beer for sure..
  6. System Of a Down and Limp Bizkit. 2 nu metal giants are still keeping the silence. do you remember when Durst said lb album is upcoming?
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