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  1. Thing is, we enjoyed something 99% of the general public never get to enjoy. All coasters to yourself for 2.5 hours? Multiple conversations with top park brass in one day? It's unheard of.


    The public will enjoy the fruits of the labor regarding the IBU strategy, enhanced reliability of coasters + increased efforts to manage queues to increase overall capacity, increased efforts to keep every corner of the park clean and NOT letting it just sit neglected for years (Jet Stream Plaza), and the elimination of the 6.5 minute rule.


    We're excited about that now because we understand that language when it's told to us. The public will get excited when it happens. We're 7 months into it, and it's going pretty strong so far. Hopefully in the next 6-12 months the public regard for SFMM will start shooting upwards.


    -- PMM

  2. Here's my take on it..not directed at anyone in particular so I hope no one's offended...


    If my kid wanted the drink cup, but I didn't want to pay the $1 locker fee each & every ride, I'd explain that to my kid, and assure him/her that if I'd get one for them on our way out of the park. If that wasn't a good enough deal, then they probably don't want that souvenir cup as much as they think they do at that particular moment.


    I remember countless times at Magic Mountain when I was younger, I'd ask my parents for this or that, and the answer was no because they didn't want to have to carry it around all day. If I put up a fuss, we'd be headed right out the exit and I still wouldn't have whatever I wanted to have.


    The parks set systems up like the $1 lockers ultimately to solve the problem of loose articles in a practical way, but its ultimately we the consumer who choose to accept their offering. If going to a park with little ones means a stressful time dragging a bunch of stuff around for them, and using $1 lockers that are undesireable to use, then perhaps going to the park isn't the best thing to do. If the lockers cause that much stress, then the best way to save stress here is to either figure out a way that works without having to use the lockers, or just not go IMO.


    This is what I would suggest to anyone who feels inconvenienced by the $1 lockers. I say kudos to the park for at least trying to accomodate people as best they can, keeping their stuff safe as best they can, when they could just deny loose articles of any sort.


    That being said, I wish SFMM would at the same time, have some sort of an alternate "no need to use a locker line" so people who don't need to use the lockers don't need to wait for those who do. Similar idea to the 'guests without bags' line at WDW bag check areas. Not sure if it's possible or what, but it would be nice.


    -- PMM

  3. THANKS SO MUCH ROBB and to the Magic Mountain staff for putting this unbelieveable event on for all of us!


    The impression that I got coming away from this was that the park still has a ways to go but the culture is changing for the better, and that's so huge that I can't really put it into words. This period of the park suffering has gone on for so long that to see the park President and GM 'get it' as much as they have feels like this is VASTLY a bigger deal for the park than any new coaster ever could be. The Magic of the Mountain Museum is a perfect example itself of just how different and how much improved and better everything is and is going to be now there.


    What really stood out to me just how visible Jay and Tim were during the event OUTSIDE of the presentations/Q&A sessions. My friend Johnny and I ran into Jay and crew several times. I've NEVER seen that kind of visibility or that concern for our group and how our day was going, what our reactions were, what we thought of the event, etc etc. They didn't have to do ANY of that. I was just completely blown away by that, and I really saw it filter down throughout the park staff. There'are still some holdovers from the days of lesser standards, but the change just in the past seven months that was magnified yesterday, as Robb has said, it's nothing short of amazing.


    I was 1000% impressed by how Jay, Tim, and Neal took the oddball questions like the ones about the souvenir cup and the candy machines. Clearly the people who asked those kinds of questions have a different priority set than they do, but Jay and team handled the questions with a very appropriate attitude and a lot of class, so even more kudos to them.


    Jay Thomas even gave me his business card to keep the communication going as to what I see that's done right, where the 'misses' are, who in the park deserves credit, etc. That also speaks volumes about the attitude of these guys and just how devoted they are to doing things right.


    During night ERT, Jay asked me what my favorite ride was in the park, and I told him, "That Magic of the Mountain Museum is my favorite place here now. It is a monument to Magic Mountain's history that is absolutely unbeliveable see. To a local like myself, it really means a lot that you guys would do that." In reply he said, "I think it's mine too. I know exactly what you're talking about." (He lives in Newhall.) So there you have it folks...from the Park Pres. himself!


    People need to understand that all the improvements can't be done tomorrow, and it all can't be done at once. There's going to be a plan and an order to this, and it's hopefully going to last as long as it needs to in order to do what really needs to be done, and to do it the right way. You may not agree with the priority list, I'm probably not going to 100% agree with the order in which everything's going to get done. However, what I got from that session was that Jay and Tim understand what needs to be done, they understand the tools at their disposal, and they earned my trust that it will get done and done the right way. That's also huge.


    It would seem that the days of darkness at Magic Mountain are over! It's getting better every day and it's only going to get better from here on out! It's such a wonderful thing to see, and I can't wait to see more of it.


    Big props and thanks to Robb & everyone from the RideWorld/TPR side and definitely to Jay, Tim, Neal & everyone from the SFMM side for putting on one of, if not the greatest coaster enthusiast event to date!


    -- PMM

  4. Hey R&A...


    Rode Joypolis' Spin Bullet a week ago today and about 3/4 of the way through my head got snapped around very hard on one of those evil mid-course bumps. It felt like I had bit my own tonsil when it happened. My head hurt for the next 4 days. My throat's been very sore ever since and continues to be very sore today, although I can sleep unlike last Saturday night when I hurt so bad that I couldn't get more than a couple hours sleep.


    This is really the first time I've been hurt on a coaster and I've taken a few hundred coaster rides on some really painful machines, such as Hypersonic XLC, ouch. They were all temporary minor pains, but this seems to be lingering. Though the headaches seem to be gone, the throat is still very sore. The oddest thing of all is that the throat feels better after eating. If I go long periods of time without eating, such as overnight or longer, the throat feels worse & worse.


    Is this something I should be concerned about or will this eventually go away on its own? Thanks for the input and I hope to have a big PTR coming soon!


    -- PMM

  5. Well I guess at Six Flags anything goes, right? Hmm...maybe someone should go take a poll of the employees there and ask if an Elephant is larger than an Orca. That is, if you can stand explaining what an Orca is 30,000 times.


    Glad to see you're all enjoying the pics folks! Like I said this is basically my first ever TPR PTR (chuckle) and the first time to a park for my new Canon Powershot S800. So any feedback along either lines is always most appreciated.


    This camera is going to Tokyo Disney Resort this weekend. Hoping to have some great pictures from there to share with everyone soon!


    -- PMM

  6. Here's some more pics that won't be in backwards order this time!


    Farwell SFDK. If only more Six Flags parks such as *cough* Magic Mountain *cough* could follow your lead here. Hope you all enjoyed the pics! =D


    One last shot of the new signage. =)


    Green Lantern and Wonder Woman as park characters??? Wow.


    Not a surprise to find Bugs in a Six Flags park =)


    Dolphin doing his best Robb imitation ;)


    Foghorn Leghorn too?? This is too much!




    Lazy mom & pup...


    Seal/Sea Lion traffic HONK!


    Am I seal or a sea lion? Get it right or I'm totally going to eat that granola bar in your shirt pocket!


    They have a penguin named Pong who apparently likes to chase bubbles. Yep, still at a Six Flags park =)


    They even have a drop-off service? This is Six Flags right??




    Marvin the Martian a park character?!


    Few other advertisements around in the park. I didn't mind at all because it's about time a Six Flags park had something to offer worth advertising about, y'know?


    Even the directional signs are themed!

  7. Ok so this is my first Photo TR "TPR Style" so bear with me here. I'd proudly display my rookie stripe, if I had one.


    Went to SFDK in Vallejo, CA (little ways north of San Francisco in case you don't know precisely where Vallejo's at) with a friend and two kids. Park opened at 10:30am, we arrive about an hour later. Nice weather for Vallejo. Sunny & warm but not overly so. Park didn't seem like it was overly crowded, but we only rode 1 coaster and a couple flat rides the entire day. Sounds bizarre but today was very bizarre for Six Flags. I had to remind myself that I still was at a Six Flags park because I didn't see any of the general indicators, aside from some sadness in Medusa's queue.


    This is all pictured below but just to quickly outline things - I was amazed by all the positive changes since I was last at Marine World/Discovery Kingdom a year ago.


    First off, the park was pretty darn clean. No trash or overflowing trash cans that I saw.


    Second, the new themeing looked good with all the new signage AND BGM loops! To keep with the whole jungle discovery motif, many places in the park played junglish BGM. So that was a nice surprise - not only did Six Flags create new themes with 'Land', 'Sky', and 'Sea', they also had some BGM created. Good on them I say.


    Third, it seemed like all their animal exhibits seemed 100x better than last year. Last year a lot of cages were dirty, underwater viewing windows were dirty & spotty & you could barely see anything through them, and the animal habitats themselves looked neglected. Then the animal shows themselves seemed like a total joke. We didn't go to any shows, but we saw that the shows were all pretty full so there had to have been some improvement there. The animals just seemed happier too. Guess a clean cage and better maintenance means happier critters.


    Last note to make was the clientele. Apparently this park has done a great job of creating the pro-family environment because that's what we saw just about everywhere. Lots of families and almost none of the typical 24/7 PDAs, gang banger-type that is usually found at Six Flags parks. Saw a lot of families with kids having a fun time. Maybe that was because we spent 95% of our time looking at animals instead of stuck in the coaster queues, but I found just having those animals to enjoy as well as having a nice compliment of coasters to ride combined with lots of new themeing made for a whole lot better day at a Six Flags park than I've gotten used to living 5 minutes away from Magic Mountain.


    Overall park experience - I give a 9/10. Now for the pictures!


    (And just to show how much of a rookie I am with this, I attached the pictures in reverse order because that's how the 'preview' showed they would come up even though there's a note that says 'attach pictures in the order you want them posted in'. If someone on the TPR staff could reverse them all for me, that would be most appreciated )


    Colorful new entrance marquee with no sign of 45th Anniversary anything. Good way to start...


    They still make you park a ways away from the entrance, but it makes for a nice picture of the skyline across the little lake.


    The former Zonga footprint is still an empty slab. The very first casuality of PTS back in the day...


    Folks having fun on Medusa!


    I think the trams were simply repainted, but they look MUCH better this year...


    Discovery Kingdom - home of purple Giraffes!


    Hmmm apparently killer whales are larger than elephants...


    New signage on the roof of the entrance building. No more Marine World here...




    More new signage. Nifty eh? Much more in second installment of pics. =)


    Here's some aminals...first a random goat! =)


    I have a growth on my arm, isn't it funny?


    Giraffee taunting the humans looking back at them. His mother sure never taught him any manners!


    Hot Giraffe tongue action!


    Lazy lionness...


    "Hey Lionness! Only awesome cats swim in pools!"


    "I even do water exercises so I don't become a lazy, bloated lionness!"


    "Oh, leave me alone..."


    "That's right, you can't handle my awesomeness."


    Creepy lookin' bat...


    Cute little baby cougar, maybe a new friend for KidTums? Everyone all together now... 'Awwwwwww'


    Elephant bows for the crowd, such a considerate elephant. Much better behaved than that giraffe!


    They took out the park's only DDR machine for this! Booooooo!!


    Yes this park has a Boomerang, and still painted blue for those nostalgic KBF fans out there. Trains looked repainted, might have been new but I sure didn't ride it to find out.


    These people are in such pain at that point...


    All Vekoma's should have these right across from their exits!!!


    Roar was broken when we actually tried to ride it. =(


    Kiddie coaster shot for Robb to enjoy. =)


    Ben & Jerry's for Robb to REALLY enjoy. ;-)


    Most interactive walrus EVER!


    Seriously! He would follow your every move and seemed to enjoy petting motions made on the window glass. I'm also told he enjoys candlelit meals and long walks on the beach.


    If you tried to walk away, he would bang his face on the display glass so you'd come back! I've never seen such behavior from a walrus before, it was just bizarre.


    Fun for ages 1-7 maybe...


    Not much going on...


    Looks like future site of a load/unload station for a little track that circles the park's Shark exhibit.


    Speaking of, thar be sharks in thar!!


    To dark for the camera on non-flash mode...


    Whack-a-Pirate! Best midway game EVER! (Vented a lot of frustration that had been built up since Disneyland's TSI was altered to become 'Pirate's Lair') =)


    Closing with some coaster shots! Finally! Here's the new V2 Code Red...


    Not so much roar going on, but still makes for a pretty picture. =)


    mmmm woodie goodness...


    Dive Loop for all you Dive Loop fans out there! Look for a second installment of pictures hopefully coming later today. It's getting waaay too late to continue this tonight. =D

  8. You read that right - Visions Fantastic will be broadcasting LIVE from the POTC: At World's End Premiere tonight!


    Click Hereto view the live streaming video and audio as the VF Crew broadcasts LIVE to the world via the internet from the World Premier of POTC: At World's End.


    Feel free to check out the page all day today folks as before the show there's no telling what glimpses into the going's on of the day you'll be able to see. Also you'll find links to photos, video clips and discussions! Don't miss the LIVE Broadcast direct from the Red Carpet of the World Premiere of POTC: At World's End today! And no registering is needed on VF in order to see it!


    Come one, come all, everyone is welcome to share in the fun and the excitement from the comforts of your own home without having to deal with the insane crowds or waiting all day!


    Click the picture below to go directly to the LIVE coverage and have a great time.


    -- PMM

  9. Wow...to think I drove on that very bridge a month or so ago...


    Well this is going to make visiting my NorCal friends rather difficult. Maybe folks who live in that area can post here what routes are being used as detours and what the new traffic senarios are? I hope it'll still be possible to get over to someplace like Novato coming from the I-5...


    -- PMM

  10. Poor behavior does not justify other poor behavior. That kind of thinking combined with the ends justifying the means as fakestar demonstrates will turn planet Earth into a complete craphole RAPIDLY.


    Even if everyone around you acts like a moron, YOU can still be the one person who does it the right way. No 'environment' forces you to act a certain way, you make that decision on your own. So, PLEASE make the right decision. Whether it comes to something like operating a 250ft. 80+mph roller coaster or selling DVDs, any one of us can be the one light in the darkness if we choose to be.


    -- PMM

  11. Ninja's Paint job is very well done. As for repainting X, it would be really hard to do because of the track, all they really need to do is give it a nice power wash and it should look really nice.


    As for the Tatsu thing, why exactly have they sent a train back? Is there something wrong with it or is it just because they want to keep it nice?


    I have no idea if it's related or not, but the last time I rode Tatsu, all ankle restraints had to be manually closed. They did not close with the pulling down of the restraint. It'd be one awkward trip on that thing if the Ride Op's failed to notice & failed to close it themselves, which is what they had to do.


    -- PMM

  12. This is more out of curiosity, but is traffic on the I-5 really that bad even past the 14? I ask because Magic Mountain Parkway isn't *that* far north of the 14, which makes me wonder why you don't just stay with the I-5 once you get on it from the 210.


    I can only assume it really is that bad. Which in that case... WOW.


    For some reason people lose all concept of the location of the gas pedal going up that hill from either side. So going north, what usually happens is the left 3 lanes (staying on the 5 going uphill) are all pretty much dead stopped while the right 3 lanes (going on the 14) are at least moving. The further to the right you go, usually the quicker the pace in that lane is. That's why I suggested taking the 14, then exiting San Fernando, which is the first exit. Then stay on San Fernando until you hit Magic Mountain Parkway, turn left, go about 2 miles & you're there.


    Yes SFMM isn't too much farther north of the 14. However, going about 5mph, could still take a good long while to get there. In fact it's 5 exits north of the 14. Once you're over the hill, which could take as long as 30-45mins depending on how slow the traffic is, and how the merge point when the trucks rejoin the main freeway at the top of the hill goes, you'll pass Calgrove, Lyons, McBean, Valencia and then can exit Magic Mountain Pkwy on the right. That could take a while if it's very slow over the hill. Once you're over the hill you're fine, but the crawl over the hill will start in Burbank that time of day and I'm NOT exaggerating.


    From Burbank on over the hill past the 14 will be nothing but solid backup, which is why you'll be on the 210 avoiding all that. Once the 210 ends though, unless you want to sit in the back up over the hill, I'd suggest taking the 14/San Fernando bypass. Personally, I hate sitting in traffic, so I'd go for any bypass possible.


    -- PMM

  13. I've lived in Santa Clarita all my life & done your route many times. My first response would be to find a better time to get on the road then because if you leave 2-3 hours earlier or 2-3 hours later, the traffic is much easier to deal with.


    But if you insist on starting to head north around 4-5pm on Friday afternoon, your best bet is to take the 91 East to North 57 to West 210. West 210 will dump you out on the North 5 right at the incline to the Newhall Pass, in which case you can stay to the right, get on the 14 freeway, exit San Fernando, and follow that road all the way to Magic Mtn. Parkway if you're going to SFMM. Any other point in Santa Clarita can be accessed by the first few exits on the 14. So if the 5's backed up going up the hill, chances are the 14 won't be, and it does fine as a bypass.


    -- PMM

  14. I might be in the same position as Gnome. The only way I could afford the trip would be with graduation money, and I don't graduate until May 11. I would be interested in going seeing as I've never been to the Midwest...ever. Downside would be that I probably won't know anyone else going on the trip.


    But I s'pose I should be happy that it's that early, being a graduation and all.


    -- PMM

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