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  1. Is the wait for Johnny Rockets really one hour? It could be a stupid question, I just don't know.


    Oh it certainly could be. Keep in mind that Jay opened a second, smaller Johnny Rockets serving shakes & fries over towards the entrance to the park. So if that's what you're after, that place is likely a great alternative from big lines at the big Johnny Rockets down by the Midway.

  2. There's a difference between being cheap and being efficient. Back in the 80's the capacity/attendance trends/economy were different. Times have changed since then. A park has to find that balance between efficiency and fiscal responsibility. If the park is only predicting 10,000 guests, it doesn't make sense to run more than 3 trains (or whatever the number might be).


    I'm OK with a park doing what you call "being cheap" as long as they react accordingly to any crowds/lines that do build up. It's being smart with their money.


    This is another topic for another thread, so I'll leave it with this:


    It's just amazing to me that any park would take the 10,000 guests they managed to get for granted like that, when operations would suddenly be different if those 10,000 all brought a friend with them. Joey I know you're a manager, and I'm not, but it seems to me like being smart with your money is giving those 10,000 people the time of their lives so they'll come back AND bring a friend with them. Might cost a little more initially, but that money will come back if done right. Making them wait 45mins when they don't need to doesn't accomplish that goal. That's all I'm going to say in principle about that.


    Fortunately, it looks like Magic Mountain is at least trying to show that in some places, they're taking more of the 'give the 10,000 we have a great time' route. They're not perfect at it. There are some gaping holes still. But I hope the kind of 'invest in WOW' thinking they've been using eventually finds its way into all facets & all nooks & crannies of the park. That will be nice to see.

  3. I agree 100%, just thought I would explain that Disney, like every other theme park, has a budget to adhere to and therefore you're not going to see them running at full capacity all the time.


    You call it running on a budget, I call it being cheap. As Robb said, operations aren't what they used to be. The top brass actively choose where not to spend money, knowing full well what the consequences will be, and it comes down to you as running on a budget. I get it, but I still don't like it, especially when Disney did just fine not doing that in the past.


    I can understand trains breaking down affecting capacity. I can understand configuration of a system basically setting what the capacity will be. What I have a very low tolerance of is any theme park charging as much as possible for parking/admission, etc and then turning around and purposely cheaping out on those guests. This can be done by not running more than 1-2 trains on weekdays. This can be done by hiring minimum wage slackers who'll spend more time chatting with each other & on a cell phone than actually doing their job. This can be done by building two loading stations for your attraction, and then rarely, if ever, using both sides. It's very transparent when it does happen. That's why people complain about it & have complained about Six Flags doing it for years.


    To see Disney taking the cheap way out is just flat depressing. Magic Mountain is at least saying they're trying to do their best with what they have, and Six Flags is pretty deep in debt. Disney is hardly having financial problems. For them, budget is no excuse IMHO.


    -- PMM

  4. Having side-by-side loading stations (or multiple load/unload locations) only works when/if the park decides to staff every area. Even Disneyland doesn't bother doing that for Screamin' and Indy during the weekdays anymore (or at least didn't for the entire month of May). Really frustrating when a park actively chooses to make people wait longer because they can't be bothered to run their attractions at optimum capacity, yet charges the same for admission 365 days a year.


    For 5 consecutive weeks I saw Screamin' loading one side running with 2 trains on Mon/Tues. On weekends, it was 5 trains loading both sides. I always thought Disney crews held themselves to a higher standard but I guess on weekdays they go back to "if it's good enough for Six Flags" mode...


    -- PMM

  5. The road construction on The Old Road in front of Magic Mountain's entrance seems to be going well. That all is finally looking like something & should be pretty easy to move around once it's all finally done with.


    I really feel sorry for the people trying to get to Magic Mountain by exiting I-5 south at Magic Mtn Pkwy and having to go through Tourney Rd w/ 2 left turns. Exiting Valencia Blvd isn't much better since you'd have to make a left off The Old Road in the middle of the construction when it funnels down to one lane. Bad bottleneck experience.

  6. Robb come on, are you really saying X is to X2 as BTTF is to Simpsons ride??


    Floorless Shiekra I'll grant you, and I thought that was pretty overblown as well. Not that floorless vertical isn't cool, but, at least it was a change in the ride experience. Is there going to be a change in X's ride experience besides a new commitment to stuff like capacity & maintenance that should have already been done the first go-around, and maybe some fire? Because if not, the billboards should say "X2: We're finally trying to get it right, AND WE'LL HAVE FIRE! OMG^2!"


    Oh wait, they've already got that last part on billboards.

  7. But again, if you were at WCB & heard the explanations from Tim, he explained that weight actually works backwards than conventional thinking with X2's trains (meaning if anything, heavier trains will produce a smoother experience), and that a lighter weight was there so the new trains wouldn't require as much maintenance as the old ones did. He made it a point to say that X2's trains were NOT designed to run any smoother than the old trains did, and said the outer seat being rougher phenomenon will likely be the case with the new trains as well.


    More people need to go to these events. They can be quite informative!

  8. FYI - I talked to Jay and Neal about the campout last night. Sounds like the goal here is to have a smaller, more 'exclusive' group for this event.


    Eh, I guess, but exclusivity is a confusing move for them to make. They ought to want as many people as they can possibly cram through the gates to see all the many improvements SFMM has made, including this awesome "new" coaster. Not sure what goal exclusivity accomplishes...

  9. Also doesn't DCA have cheaper local resident prices than Disneyland?


    Only if you're referring to the '2fer' which allows DLR guests to get into one park on one day, and then go into the other park free on a different day. Guess which park most people pick as their free park?



    Robb, wasn't WestCOT supposed to be a lot larger than DCA turned out to be? One thing seriously working against DCA is the cramped and awkward space they decided to squeeze it into. Even with the CarsLand expansion that *might* happen as we know it today, DCA's still a rather dinky park. Going by acreage, DCA could easily fit inside World Showcase Lagoon!

  10. I think another Tower of Terror or Soarin' Over California *absolutely* would bring more people into DCA and keep them there. But this ride? I don't think so.


    But even Tower didn't really bring more people into DCA or keep them there. All it really did was almost mandate the selling of 1-day park hoppers.


    DCA either needs to be on equal standing as Disneyland, or be cheaper to go in than Disneyland (and no, 1-day park hoppers didn't do that). Until then, Disneyland will always win. Building one attraction at a time, even if it's Journey to the Center of the Earth, isn't going to 'save DCA'.

  11. Curious about something Elissa hinted at...


    Elissa said Magic Mountain didn't give TPR the same kind of deal for this that was given for the Tatsu campout. So I'm a little curious as to what's up with that and why the park wants to charge $50 for this and NOT allow Season Passes to be used for admission. Not asking out of any sort of bitterness, just asking out of curiosity. Can anything about this be shared?

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