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  1. They added an extra touch of theming to Firebird today! Love what they did around the fire effect.
  2. I don’t get why people would be mad about pass-holders getting less benefits than members. Memberships are more expensive so you get what you pay for. Gold season passes are like $55 during the flash sale!
  3. I was told that corporate did not think they got enough attendance to warrant DC licensing. If there attendance rises substantially this season, maybe you will see those changes happen.
  4. I have been to many opening days. Probably the worst I have been to. Still I enjoyed riding the rides and walking around. Ride of Steel is such an incredible coaster!
  5. Darien Lake was a complete mess today. Do not want to rant so here are some photos of the new front entrance sign, and the construction for Skyscreamer.
  6. Yes, looks really nice. They keep it on longer now so it is easier to see while riding. On Apocalypse, you could only see it in a few seats.
  7. Definitely would recommend you try the back then. Should be a better experience.
  8. Which rows did you try on Firebird? From what I am hearing, back row is the smoothest.
  9. Here are all of the Firebird events happening within the next couple of weeks!
  10. Reese’s Cupfusion opens to the public May 25th and there is a passholder event on the 24th (only a select amount of people get chosen though).
  11. Not sure if you guys heard this, but the fire effect on Firebird is enclosed in a small volcano structure that has a hole at the top. Also, they did a very solid job on the landscaping around the ride to make it look a lot less apocalyptic.
  12. They already met my expectations when they put Johnny Rockets on the dining plan, added Macho Nacho, and put a restroom 50 feet away from Superman. Firebird is just some icing on the cake.
  13. Talked to one of the employees yesterday who rode Firebird last night. He said it is a major improvement from Apocalypse, but front row is not good. The employee stated that he was starting to lose hope until he rode rows 4,5, and 6 (6th row being the best). The front row is the roughest and has the least amount of forces. He ranks it 4th or 5th best coaster in the park.
  14. The new restroom is still closed. They should have an exclusive membership day for the opening of that too lol.
  15. Employees have a Firebird event today. Next weekend is for members, then hopefully the grand opening is the following week after that.
  16. Was sent a few photos from a friend of mine that show off the amazing color scheme of Firebird.
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