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  1. Went to Holiday in the Park today and there was actually a fairly good size crowd for Six Flags America standards. Firebird and Wild One were running very well while Roar was a little rougher than last season, but still a solid wooden coaster. Also saw that they started some work over in Gotham which just gets me more excited for the 2020 season with Harley Quinn opening up!
  2. I am going this weekend, but I have heard it is just as good as previous years. Looking forward to some more Roar night rides and to see how Firebird is when the sun goes down!
  3. I was at the park yesterday, and the place was packed (cars were parking in the grass)! Also tried out the Haunted House which was very well done with many unique props and awesome actors.
  4. A Giant Discovery is exactly what this park needed! Next on the wish list is either a Free Spin or a Raptor. Not sure if they can even do that with such a low budget, but hopefully corporate can find it in their hearts to send one our way in the near future.
  5. Another poster has been placed outside of Penguin’s Blizzard River!
  6. I would expect there to be about the same amount of theming as the one up in New England. Wonder Woman has pretty much the same amount of theming as the other ones in the chain.
  7. I would say that Splashwater Falls is also my least favorite addition in the last couple of years, but Holiday in the Park was added in the same season so I won’t complain.
  8. Yeah, that seems to be the only ride that makes sense for that spot. What’s awesome is that it will have to swing towards the midway which should be visually intriguing!
  9. Not that big. A frisbee is the largest attraction that could fit there and that is what is rumored to go there since the soil borings match the footprint for one of those rides. I honestly like frisbee flat rides MUCH more than free spins.
  10. Firebird I don’t find that rough in any row, but row 6 is easily the best with some decent airtime in a couple of spots. Roar is not going anywhere in the near future as they will continue to do in house track work. I would MUCH rather see a RMC Raptor than a RMC of Roar. The Joker at Discovery Kingdom was nothing to write home about and is no doubt the worst RMC I have ridden. Getting a compact single rail coaster and keeping a decent wooden coaster sounds a lot better to me.
  11. Oh yeah, absolutely! I have always thought that they could use something to look at while on the ride. During Holiday in the Park, they have a bunch of cool lights on display, but during the summer it is a pretty boring ride. Glad the park is doing a lot of different things to try to improve the guest experience. Also, another thing I don’t think anyone mentioned. The park has put the Wild One ACE landmark plaque on a very nice brick podium right in front of the ride
  12. New signs are up at the Antique Cars! Very nice little addition by the park.
  13. Harley Quinn Spinsanity looks to be the name for the new ride at Six Flags America!
  14. Harley Quinn Spinsanity looks to be the name for the new ride at Six Flags America!
  15. Steel Force’s first set of switchbacks are about filled now according to a Facebook pic I saw. Definitely looks like one of the most crowded days if not the most crowded day in recent memory.
  16. Wow, the struggles. I guess there isn’t anything else notable to talk about the park now so a slightly different restroom is the most interesting thing.
  17. I know a bathroom was needed back there, but a large one I don’t think is which is why they might have went with a smaller one.
  18. Does that part of the park really warrant a large bathroom? The foot traffic in that area on my visits is very light.
  19. Park has been very busy this weekend! Parking lot has little to no spaces left today and people are just parking in any grassy spot they can find. Awesome to see the park really bringing in the guests lately!
  20. Batwing is open today! Amazing weather this weekend to come out to ride it once again.
  21. Batwing has been testing and is expected to open soon! Get your rides in now before it goes down again for months.
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