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  1. I consider the proposed new coaster to just be a replacement for Stinger as I am sure they will eventually replace Possessed with something else down the road. That won’t be for a VERY long time of course. Just like how Kings Dominion’s rumored free spin is a Crypt replacement, and most likely another coaster will be placed in Volcano’s spot...eventually.
  2. Recent video showing off the progress for the new entrance plaza!
  3. I just drove by the park today to see if any changes were made. To my surprise, it looks like they have a new ride ready for us once they open up for the season!
  4. I mean, I think most people already assumed that it was the township that canceled the meeting as it stated on the South Whitehall Township website that the other presenters for the meeting also “withdrew”. However, that extra part about them going to that other group to get their approval on it is a good piece of info. The next South Whitehall Township meeting is towards the end of this month so maybe we will get some more info then.
  5. As a former season pass holder, I would take a new Gravity Group shuttle coaster over Possessed any day mostly because I have been on Possessed so many times and want something different to experience. This is a brilliant decision for a coaster type as well.
  6. Wow! Really sounds like they are fixing the place up which was much needed. As long as the Haunted House and Pirates Cove are still there, this is a huge win!
  7. Yeah, I do see the coaster eventually happening. If it is a Gravity Group Shuttle Coaster, then the park picked literally the perfect coaster for that location. It will be a good mix between family and thrills which the park really could use more of. Also, the park seems to be attracting more families in recent years with the Pre-K Pass and special events. Glad Cedar Fair finally decided to invest in the dry park, and I am hoping it gets received well so we could see a brighter future for this place.
  8. Sky Rocket II or a compact S&S launch would be my guess for that Possessed area. Obviously it could be awhile til that happens, but that’s probably going to be their next large investment.
  9. Like I said, it is even less popular than everything else. Steel Force could be a one train wait while Possessed has no one in the station. Not to mention all of the others coasters besides Wild Mouse have a higher capacity than it.
  10. Also leaves you wondering if Demon Drop’s days are numbered. Doesn’t seem like as much of a pain to keep up compared to Possessed, but it isn’t very popular at all either.
  11. I don’t see them relocating it within the chain. It really costed a lot of money to maintain. They want to get that thing out of here as quick as they can! Possessed seemed like the least popular coaster in the park as it had an even shorter line than all of the rest of them...which is kind of a hard task to accomplish. Smart move by Cedar Fair especially if they have plans to replace that ride as well.
  12. Other projects were also withdrawn from the South Whitehall township website. I think it is possible they will delay the project. Still exciting to see the park possibly making a huge step in the right direction!
  13. Both decisions make a lot of sense to me. With all of the negative things happening out there, it sure is nice that Dorney out of all parks is giving us some hope. If this is a large version of Switchback, we sure are in for a big treat! That kind of coaster will be amazing for a variety of age groups, and it will be a very reridable experience. I have already reserved my front row ride!
  14. Definitely will be interesting to see how the new entrance plaza turns out! Really have not heard or seen too much about it.
  15. The state of Maryland is allowing Six Flags America to continue construction inside the park. While I have not seen any photos of the renovated entrance area, there were a few photos posted of Harley Quinn!
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