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  1. No " regular " coaster really makes me nervous at all anymore.
  2. I remember I was a little nervous, well not nervous but kind of anxious to see how Maverick's 95 degree drop would feel.
  3. Top Thrill Dragster, front seat anytime I ride it. Drop towers in general, im kind of debating if I should ride Kings Island Drop Zone or not.
  4. Ugh, I REALLY hope it opens by my vacation haha. Thanks.
  5. Don't see the point in changing them still, but maybe I am just closed minded. Any new news on son of the beast?
  6. Yeah, basically that is what im saying I guess? Also why would you even want to mess with Raven or Legend when they are already a couple of the best wooden rides out there?
  7. I noticed last year, Maverick had the longest line in the park for all my visits.
  8. I just dont see the need for a launch on a woodie, but if it came along I would definitely ride it haha.
  9. I'll be there on July 15th and 16th, I just enjoy being at the park in general.
  10. Does anyone know what can make one chain louder than the next? lol
  11. Anyone know anything about Son of Beast being reopened yet?
  12. Eh a launched wooden coaster is just another gimmick really...I kind of hope that doesnt really happen.
  13. I rode Villain in 02 and I liked it a lot, but then went back again in 06 or 07 and I couldnt stand it. Also, I love all the new coasters with the insane elements but I can ride a little classic woodie and enjoy it just the same.
  14. I thought you liked it rough? So, just for reference what all roller coasters(especially wooden) have you rode?
  15. Even still, Mean Streak isnt exciting? To me atleast that is. If you go for roughness how about Magnum? ir is a rough but fun kind of coaster
  16. It's ok Big Mike! I was just wondering if you had posted it or not just purely because I love all your updates and wanted to see how your time was at a park I was about to visit. Thanks!
  17. It has that he visited there, and the date. I looked through pages and pages around the time of the date of the Kings Island visit. So, I still don't know. Either way, I am a big fan of big mike and I enjoy reading all of his updates and such. Big Mike, your updates always make my day!
  18. Just wondering, and I apologize in advance. Was there a Kings Island photo tr in here? I looked for about 30 minutes or so now.
  19. Ok, would you please explain what you like so much about Mean Streak? I think it is at about 14th or 15th best coaster at cedar point for me(just estimating of the top of my head) and it is BY FAR NOT the best wooden coaster in the world(or best wooden coaster in park for that matter. I am not putting down your opinion, I would just like you to explain why a little bit.
  20. Yeah, but I think the night kind of blurs our perception of rides and makes rides a thousand times better. The darkness makes it all more disorienting and feels more "dangerous" in some ways. I love it.
  21. Even still I hope it is opened by the week of the 11th, purely so I can get the credit
  22. I've given Mean Streak numerous chances, and it is pretty bad but not unbearable. I choose not to ride it because it is pretty boring, not because of the roughness. Although, when I had my trimless Mean Streak ride I felt like I was going rounds with Rampage Jackson. Even still I hope to ride Son of Beast to get the credit. I am heading up to Kings Island for a few days starting July 11th, then heading up to Cedar Point for a few more days. Should be a good time.
  23. How rough is it in reality? More or less rough than say Mean Streak? Either way I hope it will be opened so I can get the credit.
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