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  1. yeah i agree..they are really awesome!! ^and yeah shadow, you got a good point there
  2. check it out and tell me what you think!!! www.myspace.com/thedanishnocomply ..i know there are another no comply!!!
  3. i couldnt come, and i feel so fucking bad!!! ít would have been so kool! someday maybe ill meet you guys!
  4. Robb & Elissa, is it only you 2 who is coming or is it also the other guys?!
  5. Hey Im new here! My name is Rasmus im 15 years oldand i live in a city called Søborg just outside Copenhagen in Denmark! besides from loving coasters i play bass and sing in a punkrock band. My fav. coasters is probably nitro and favorite park is Port aventura or Tivoli:) cya
  6. I know which one it is shadow:) But ill let someone other guess it!
  7. and here i am the third dane!!! Ill probably join you guys in BBland or/and Tivoli with the other lads from themeparkdenmark!! its gonna be wicked:)¨ -Ras
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