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  1. Looks like I'm going to be off unexpectedly this week and next week. Wedding in Tampa next Saturday. Haven't been to Universal since 2012 so I was considering going down to Orlando from Atlanta on Tuesday night, going to HHN on Wed 10/13 then IOA on Thursday. Is it worth it to do the scream early to HHN for $30? Looks like the only things I'd get to do during that time that I couldn't do at HHN are Transformers and F&F (haven't been on either). If not, should I go to Gringotts first then whatever haunts after? Hoping also that a Wednesday will be significantly less crowded. No idea how a thursday in Oct will be though.
  2. Parents just told me they booked a house in Cape Coral in mid May for a week and want me to meet them there so looks like I'm going to get to ride this bad boy. Haven't been since Cheetah Hunt was brand new.
  3. Visiting on Oct. 27. Don't really care about credits so I'd be ok with msising Superman since my homepark is SFOG. What do you think the proper route is to make sure I can knock it all out in time? Was thinking Kingda Ka> El Toro > Bizarro > freespin > wonder woman > Nitro. Would also like to try the safari as I see that is the last operating day. Hoping crowds wont be too bad during the early afternoon. Planning to be there from opening-5.
  4. I think a freespin or raptor is likely. Would love to see either a re-tracking or a complete tear down and re-build by maybe Gravity Group of GASM for it's 50th anniversary in 2023. It's basically unrideable right now. Needs some work bad.
  5. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Lightning Rod 3. Iron Rattler 4. Twisted Cyclone 5. Wonder Woman Honestly 3-5 are all kind of interchangeable for me. All very good rides.
  6. I wonder if Six Flags is testing out how the power splash does at Over Texas and if it works out will put one in the Splashwater Falls space here. Either way, these look like solid additions.
  7. Weather forecast looks clear for this weekend. There's a couple bring a friend days this weekend so it may be decently crowded between that and the, as of now, very nice weather.
  8. I could maybe go on Sunday from 11-5 depending on when I get my flight for. I'm guessing that would be much less crowded?
  9. So thought I was going to be in Pittsburgh the weekend of Oct. 18-20 but turns out I'm going to be in Philly during the 25-28 weekend, which works out great since I've never been to SF GADV. I've got a Six Flags membership so that will be fine. Looking at going the Friday Oct. 25. Should I expect some big lines? Really as long as I can get on the big three or four coasters there I'll be happy.
  10. One of my favorite bands just announced a Halloween show in Pittsburgh on 10/18. Thinking of doing a drive from ATL to Pittsburgh (ugh) to see the show on Friday then spend Saturday at Kennywood. I see that they split the day into 2 parts so 2 seperate tickets. Any idea what the prices are for the two seperate events and if all the rides, save water rides, are expected to be open during the Halloween weather?
  11. Shooting a Christmas movie in August is going to be miserably hot. Can't imagine wearing sweaters in mittens in that heat. Also won't the foliage make it obvious that it is summer? I guess it's Hallmark so the details aren't that important.
  12. Made it to the park for the first time this year on Friday evening. Came in around 5:15 after work. It was pouring rain so people were leaving in droves when I got there. We walked around for around 45 mins and nothing was open, not even the Justice League dark ride. Around 6, JL opened and we rode that a couple times. After that, the sky started to clear and rides began opening. Was able to get on Goliath x3, TC x2, Pandemonium, Georgia Scorcher, GASM (BIG OOF 0/10) and Mind Bender in the last couple hours. Really enjoyed Pandemonium. Hope they keep going with the theme in that area, bc as of now its kind of bare, but has potential. Good first evening at the park!
  13. I was there today and the park was just mildly busy (The main parking lot looked to be only about 1/3 full at it's peak). The weather I think kept many away (rain this morning with a forecast high if 61). It was GREAT for me. It's spring break and that's usually the worst time to go outside of weekends in the early part of the season before daily operations begin. Most everything was a station wait, with a couple walk ons. Twisted Cyclone's line was at the bottom of the stairs each time I rode it, and only a 2 train wait for Mind Bender. Tomorrow (Wed) will likely be back to it's normal extra busy with dry weather and mid-70s temps again. I certainly got lucky picking today to go. They are taking their sweet time painting Georgia Scorcher. It's only a bit more than halfway done from what I could see. I expected them to be through by now. They are painting it by hand with rollers instead of sprayers. Someone told me that when I was on the way to the park this morning and thought it was a late April Fool's Joke. Nope...they weren't kidding. They were also told by employees at the park it would likely be reopening next month about when Pandemonium opens...which showed no signs of life on that plot of land while I was there today. Of course with any rumor like info, take with a grain of salt. However with what I saw, I'm about 99.9% sure that info was correct. Also, nothing to do with replying to this post, but no need to make another post so here goes: What in the world is going on with Superman Ultimate Flight????? The ride has 3 trains, or at least used to (I hadn't kept up with this ride much since I last rode it about 11 years ago). They opened the ride at noon (which I suppose was planned as that's when Blue Hawk opened as well). They only had one train in use. I waited about 30 minutes and I got in line within 10 minutes of them opening it. By the time I got off, the line had to be well over an hour. While I did mention the park wasn't crazy busy, that ride in particular takes forever to load and unload in comparison to the others in the park. To make things worse, the train in use had a MINIMUM of 3 seats locked with a pipe (don't know the technical name of that device is), so that train couldn't perform at full capacity. On several seats (including mine), they had to to some sort of manual lock which caused even more of a delay since they also had to unlock them manually to depart. On top of all that, it looked HORRIBLE in general. You think the trains in use would get a halfway decent touch up before putting them in operation. I understand with extending the seasons it leaves less time to refurb and such in the shorter off-season. The other trains may be out getting their annual refurb. However, it wasn't a good look. I guess I finally get what "Have a Six Flags Day" really means now...lol Also, I finally rode Great American Scream Machine after a 20-year hiatus (last went in November and was closed for the season, and before that May 2008 when the park was slammed so skipped it for new to me credits at that time). I wouldn't care if they tore that contraption down if they are just going to continue to run it as is. It needs a major rehab. Whether that be complete retracking or complete rebuild if necessary. They worked on a couple sections in the off season, but it did nothing for the enjoyment of the ride (unless it was considerably worse before, which I dread the thought and am glad I didn't get to ride it last time I was there). I know them putting the Georgia Cyclone trains on it has contributed to it's roughness. I had seen many people claiming it had gotten quite bad and blew them off to being overly sensitive. At least now IMO, I agree with them. I'm sure some will say they like it as is. Well more power to you and keep on riding while I head back to Twisted Cyclone....lol How were the crowds at the end of the day? I'll probably just be there from like 5:30-8. Thanks for the thorough update! Not surprised at all to hear that construction/painting is going so slow.
  14. Heading to the park for a couple hours tomorrow after work for the first time this year. Hoping to get a couple rides on TC and Mindbender and check out the Scorcher paint.
  15. Was there any word at the Winter Warm Up on when they expected the new discovery to open up?
  16. Really happy to see how my childhood hometown park has blossomed in the last five years. This whole new area looks fantastic. Can't wait to make my way back and ride it.
  17. Actually looks like I will be hitting the park solo on Sunday so if anyone is going to the park and wants to meet up, let me know!
  18. Going on a road trip starting Friday from Atlanta and I think I will be stopping through SFFT on Sunday with a friend. Any tips for Holiday in the Park? Or are there any local stores that sell discounted tickets that are cheaper than online (~$50). I have a season pass for SFOG so I should get in free but unfortunately I won't be able to use a bring a friend ticket at SFFT. Thanks!
  19. Do all the rides run during Holiday in the park? Really hoping for at the very least Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman.
  20. Hey guys. Planning a trip to Cedar Point in mid August. We are going on a Tuesday and Wednesday but will be getting into Sandusky mid-late afternoon so was hoping to take in a little beach time. We have a platinum pass so I think parking is free. Can we go to the beach area of the park without actually going to the park? Or is there a better beach area nearby to go to? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  21. Got in a couple rides on Friday. Weather cooperated and it was a great time. Had a minor breakdown or two but crew was efficient in getting it back up. Fun quick ride. SFOG now has a pretty good three-piece in Goliath, Twisted Cyclone and Mindbender.
  22. So does this bad boy run in light rain? Hoping to swing by after work today for the preview but there's a 40% chance of showers.
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