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  1. Haha I was thinking the same thing. I stay on that end of town fairly often and actually like that area but the traffic can be a pain. I would guess that when this resort opens From your room to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot will be a solid 20-30 minutes if nto more depending on traffic. I live in the area and if you just take the back road behind Chick Fil A you only have to go through one stoplight and can be to Animal Kingdom in 5 minutes. But, you are correct if you are traveling during rush hour or early in the morning when the parks are opening it will take longer.
  2. I know more and more people look to experience 'local' when they are on vacation. While Orlando's theme parks and water parks are the main reason 70 million people vacation in Orlando every year. There is a real city (2.5 Million in the Metro) with some great urban neighborhoods, local restaurant scene and great cultural places. Thought some people might be interested in the 'other side' of Orlando. So I will kick off with downtown. Along with being the financial and office hub of the region downtown is home to 2 sports facilities, Amway Center (home of the NBA Magic), Orlando City Stadium (home of the Orlando City Pro Soccer Team), the new Dr. Phillips Performing Art Center, the History Museum, Creative Village, the new University of Central Florida downtown campus, Lake Eola (with its famous Swans), lots of local nightclubs and bars and 1,000s of people that call it home. The area is also surrounded by some great urban neighborhoods including, College Park, Thornton Park and Delaney Park (SODO) which I will try and highlight in this thread. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. You are correct its only about 5 minutes from Animal Kingdom on Highway 192.
  4. It will be interesting to see how the water park does. I think it has an opportunity to 'fill' the lose of Wet n Wild if they price it right.
  5. The water park will be a stand alone attraction and is located along 192 away from the resort. This will be a pretty major water park and not just an extension of the resort hotel.
  6. They have homes that are for sale along the resorts lake. The resort hotel will be just a standard hotel that you can book rooms for. I notice they are already taking reservations for the hotel on their website. The water park will be a large, stand alone facility. I know it will have drop capsule slides, racing slides, and several large bowl slides.
  7. I did a search and didn't see a thread for this yet. The new Margaritaville Resort Orlando is a $750 million entertainment complex on highway 192 West, south of Disney. It includes: - A 200,000 square foot Sunset Walk shopping and dining area anchored by Rock and Brews, Studio Movie Grill, Ford's Garage, Cafe Rio and Bahama Buck's (Opening November 2018). - A major new water park with a wave pool, over a dozen new slides, kids play structure, action river and activity pool (Opening March 2019). Infrastructure work is underway and all the slides have been purchased and will start arriving soon. - With its center piece the new Margaritaville Resort Hotel (Opening early 2019). June 2018 Construction Video [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. Germany - Lighting The Gothic/Renaissance architectural blend of the Germany pavilion with its detailed paintings and stained glass windows are nicely highlighted through up lighting, back lighting and flood lighting of the castle background. China - Lighting The Chinese pavilion's lighting is a nice mix of up lighting, inset lighting on the walkways and latern lighting around the shopping areas. Up next, Norway and Mexico.
  9. What a great new additional to the park and sounds like it will have a full spectrum of effects, projection mapping on buildings, fireworks, fountains, projection screens and more. This will give Universal a true major league night time show.
  10. American Pavilion - Lighting As far as design and placemaking I personally think the American Pavilion is the least impressive of the countries at Epcot's World Showcase. With that said the up lighting does a nice job of highlighting the grand colonial structure of the pavilion. Italian Pavilion - Lighting The lighting in the Italian Pavilion does a good job of highlighting the mix of Byzantine/Romanesque/Renaissance architecture of the pavilion. This includes lighting of sculptures, arcades, tower and the mosaics that make up the detailed materials of this pavilion. Up next Germany and China.
  11. Sorry, I explained myself poorly. I wasn't recommending they second gate the water park. I was just trying to point out that since the water park is included in their current ticket prices and many of their counterparts don't include their water parks. It might be putting pressure on Hershey's pricing structure. Example: Hershey charges $1 to get in and it includes 15 rollercoasters, 40 rides, a water park and zoo. (Lots of operational and investment costs.) Cedar Point/Busch Gardens/Park X charges $1 to get in and it includes 15 rollercoaster and 40 rides. They then charge another $1 for their water park. For the same similar product Hershey makes a $1. Park X makes $2. It might be more financially sustainable to build a second gated park and charge another $1 to get in, instead of diluting their current $1 even more. Just curious. Not saying it will happen.
  12. Do we know if they are planning on just expanding the current park or might they build a second gate? It just seems like the current park can only get so large before the ticket prices to operate gets out of balance with the market. Several (not all) of the bigger parks in the industry have gotten around this cost issue by making sure their waterparks are seperate gates. Cedar Point, Dollywood, Busch Gardens, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Great Adventure. Hershey Park has that extra 'gate' (plus the zoo) included in the current ticket price which might restrict their ability to absorb this large of an expansion under their current pricing system.
  13. Morocco - Lighting Morocco has become my favorite 'Country' to walk through at Epcot at night. The detailed lighting is designed to create a colored light palette that adds different textures at night to the builds. The soft lighting inside the bazaar shopping areas create beautifully lite walkways and complements the tower structures throughout the land. Japan - Lighting The Japanese pavilion's lighting does an amazing job of highlighting the traditional architectural elements of Japan. These architectural elements of wooden and stone buildings, pagodas, screens and sliding doors, verandas and the integration of nature are strengthened by up lighting and hanging lantern lights. Up next America and Italy.
  14. Two new 'Summer Events' are kicking off at WDW. One is located in Animal Kingdom and is called Donald's Dino Bash. They have added some new signage, meet and greats, a dance party area and some upbeat music throughout Dinoland. Another summer event is located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. This event is called Incredible Tomorrowland Expo. This event has a lot of new signage throughout the land, new photo locations, and a dance party with the Incredibles. Here are a few night time shots. And a few MK Castle area photos to wrap up the evening. Next, back to Epcot.
  15. Epcot's World Showcase - Lighting While Epcot's Future World at times lacks architectural details and intimate spaces that make people want to linger. World Showcase is full of detailed, human scale spaces with lighting that is designed to strengthen the already rich environment and 'public spaces' that make up each pavilion. Canada - Lighting The lighting in the Canadian Pavilion is fairly minimal but does a nice job of creating a cohesive environment in a land that packs together a rustic, formal design into a very compact space. Every time I visit this pavilion I just think how perfect a wilderness type water ride would fit into this pavilion. Maybe one day. England - Lighting The lighting in England is focused on the gaslight lamp theme that brings a traditional/historic feel out of the richly designed buildings and gardens. Sherlock Holmes postcards. France - Lighting The lighting in France really focuses on bring out the elegant feel of a turn of the century Paris. With its focus on the buildings, arcades, formal spaces and using interior building lights to flood out onto the public walkways. Up next Morocco and Japan.
  16. Disney's Hollywood Studios - Lighting Disney's Hollywood Studios is my favorite WDW park when it comes to lighting and architecture. The beautiful art deco architecture and neon lighting is one of my favorite building styles. This type of architecture really incorporates lighting as part of the buildings design, instead of being an accent to the structure. Add in some great 'destination icon buildings' that are beautifully lite at the terminus of the main corridors and you have a wonderful blend between the architecture of the park and its lighting. Up next Epcot's World Showcase.
  17. Continuing on with Epcot's Future World and probably its best architectural building, Mission Space followed by The Seas and a very human scale entrance for The Land. Disney has done a great job of highlighting the architectural details of these buildings to strengthen the theme when the sun goes down. Up next I will jump to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  18. Great addition to the park. 2019 is going to be a MASSIVE year in central Florida. Harry Potter coaster, Terminator 2 replacement, Sesame Street area and parade, Galaxy Edge, Mickey and Minnie's Railway, a new coaster being rumored for Busch Gardens and I am sure something significant at Legoland. Man the crowds are going to be over the top. I also think Fun Spot will try and get a piece of the pie as well. Plus there could be a new water park with the Margaritaville Resort opening next summer as well.
  19. Epcot's Future World - Lighting (Part 1) Future World is an interesting space that is designed to create a 'grand feel' with its large geometric buildings and open plazas. While this area does bring a feel of a 'Worlds Fair' the size and scope of the structures, blank walls, lack of architectural details and open plazas give Future World a cold, harsh feel at times and does a poor job of engaging the pedestrian in the space. Compared to World Showcase's intimate, detailed spaces Future World struggles to create environments that make people want to 'linger' in their surroundings. With that said Future World's best side comes out when the lights come on. The lights create new color palettes on the structures and enliven's the blank wall feel of the large buildings. Up next part 2 of Future World.
  20. Disney's Animal Kingdom - Lighting Animal Kingdom has a very relaxed park feel with all the vegetation and architecture that blends well into its background. The lighting throughout Animal Kingdom is designed to to strengthen that 'relaxed' feel, be understated at times and keep the natural feel active after dark. Discovery Island - Lighting This is the main hub of the park and its center piece is the AMAZING Tree of Life. This area uses a lot of 'covered decorative lighting' to soften the light exposure and bring out the artistic elements of the light fixtures. The tree is vibrant with it lighting design and host the Awakening night time shows. Dinoland USA - Lighting This area of the park brings two types of lighting concepts to the park. One is lighting that focuses more on a prehistoric jungle camp and the other with lighting that creates a carnival/county fair, in your face atmosphere. Honestly the lighting and theming in this area is just 'all over the place'. Asia - Lighting This area focuses on the himalayan 'old style' strings of lights that work very well at strengthening the areas expedition theme. Rivers of Light Africa - Lighting Africa uses a nice mix of soft up lighting and strings of lights that help it blend nicely with its neighbor, Asia. Pandora - Lighting This land easily has the best lighting of any theme park area in the world (that I know of). This land becomes another world after dark and should not be missed.
  21. I thought I would drop a few photos of the new Fast and Furious Supercharged ride before I upload the next set of parks for lighting. Quick thoughts, the theming is very well done, the preshows need some fine tuning and the ride is mid range for the park. Better than Fallon, Shrek and Minons but not as good as MIB, ET and Mummy. They could probably help the ride a little by adding something more to the street scene (which is the best part of the ride). Maybe some shadow FBI agents in a few of the windows talking about how they are in place for the raid on the party (which is the next scene). This would help them add additional focus and time to a very well done set. It would also be nice to keep the party bus lights flashing during the party scene (which might just be a soft opening issue). Up next Animal Kingdom lighting.
  22. Aquatica is really an outstanding waterpark. Thank you for the pictures.
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