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  1. I am not going to tolerate someone telling me I am "lying" simply for reporting my experience at a park. Banned from our page. Take your stupid drama and agenda someplace else. It is not welcome here. What is that? Can't people have different opinions than yours? You weren't invited to the opening ceremony right? Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk
  2. Why too much hate? No good thinks on park? What about hyperion? Zadra? Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk
  3. Anyone ride Zadra already? Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk
  4. Me. You can buy a combined ticket portaventura + train with a special price. (55 euros!?) take about 1h.20min to get there. Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk
  5. Today is snowing and I see baron open.. Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk
  6. hi, I will visit efteling in January, 16. any tips? I'll only be able to be in the park one day, is that enough? ~thanks all
  7. We will get a new report? [emoji1] Enviado do meu LG-H850 através do Tapatalk
  8. nice report.. I love this park.. was my first park.. and I love abismo... waiting to read the warner review .. and I hope you got a ride on stunt fall.. its closed all time..
  9. 40 minutes to open the Gates! [emoji7] Enviado do meu LG-H850 através do Tapatalk
  10. I have an overweight friend, will it be a problem for him to ride some attraction? Last year at Warner Park he can barely mount the drop tower.. Enviado do meu LG-H850 através do Tapatalk
  11. How much time do you recommend spending at Tibidabo? I only have about 3 hours, do you think it's worth going there just to buy the panoramic ticket?
  12. Why did not anyone tell me about this? what a wonderful view !! I'll have to go there on the first day! if it rains will I have problems on the roller coasters? I do not want to think about it ..
  13. No problem! This crowd calendar is always pretty accurate. It's in French, but the color code is as follows: Green = Calm day, Blue = Pleasantly busy, Orange = Occupied, Red = High crowds, Black = To avoid. So for the 15th and 16th of April, you should be fine. As you can see in the link to the crowd calendar I posted above, the first week of June should be okay. where to buy the tickets? Is there a site cheaper than the official website?
  14. you have to wait 20 minutes with this express pass? Because the express pass is relatively cheap, there are a lot of people that buy it. They are limited, though. If I remember correctly, they were all sold out 2 hours after opening. Anyway, the average wait time for the Express Pass queue (also for the Premium Gold) was around 20 minutes for Dragon Khan and Furius Baco, around 15 minutes for Stampida and around 10 minutes for Shambhala and Diablo - Tren de la Mina. All the other rides that are included with the Express Pass were a walk-on. But remember, when I visited the park was packed - 120+ minutes for Shambhala, Dragon Khan and Furius Baco all day. Thanks for the information .. I'll be there in 10 days .. Sunday and Monday .. I hope that at least Monday is calm and then decide whether to buy or not..
  15. you have to wait 20 minutes with this express pass? btw, are there any good shows to watch?
  16. Maybe it was just because it wasn't peak season, but I was able to get a good rate on one of their resort hotels through the Roulette program. The day before my visit, I was randomly given a room at one of their hotels. They all looked fantastic. And as an added plus, it included park tickets. Do you get Ferrari Land tickets as well or do you have to pay a separate fee like you do normally? 60 euros 2 days (portaventura + ferrari land) portaventura hotel was a good option if we were 4 days to the park however we only go 2 days but we want to stay 3 nights .. the 1st and last day is to meet barcelona and salou tickets - 60€ x 4 = 240€ hotel portaventura (with tickets) - 624€ I think we get accommodation for 4 people for less than 384 € ...
  17. I'm going to portaventura in April with 3 other friends. we go to the park on the 2nd and 3rd day so we need to stay 3 nights in Salou. any suggestion? maybe the cheapest way is an apartment for 3 nights instead of a hotel?
  18. Definitely: Portaventura + Ferrari land.. Likely: another European park.. I want Energylandia.. suggests? I'm still starting, portaventura is going to be my 3rd park
  19. im planning 2 days trip.. I was thinking of spending the morning and the lunch in the ferrari land and the rest of the day in the portavantura .. the next day it was all in the portaventura .. What do you guys think? maybe still buy a fast track too
  20. I hope to visit this park this year after going to portaventura which is my main wish for 2018 Enviado do meu Redmi 4 através do Tapatalk
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