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  1. Is the single rider line for ghost Rider always open? How do you access it?
  2. Has anyone been to the ACE event Great Smoky Mountain Coasterfest? Was wondering if it's worth driving 8 hours from DC to visit Dollywood for the first time during that event? Was also thinking of going to the Smoky Alpine Coaster, Goats on the roof coaster, Titanic museum, and Hatfield and McCoy dinner show
  3. Thanks guys!I went on Saturday December 30th last year and it was packed! Huge lines for all the rides and we waited 30 min for the blue ridge tollway which is why I was wondering if fast lane would be needed. But it sounds like going opening weekend in November should be a lot less crowded
  4. Is that so? According to the attractions page, literally only Twisted Timbers has the FastLane symbol next to it. Not even dominator. They must know operations for twisted timbers are so bad that you'll have to pay to even ride it https://www.kingsdominion.com/play/winterfest/attractions
  5. Yeah, I made a sample purchase and it came up as an add on for $35
  6. Thinking of going to Kings Dominion the opening weekend of Winterfest. Does anyone know if it will be worth getting Fast Lane for Twisted Timbers and Dominator? I heard the operations for TT were atrociously slow, even with an in station queue garnering a 30 minute wait
  7. Hey all - I'll be at Six Flags MM on Thursday, Dec 5th and Tuesday, Dec 10th. Do you guys think it will be crowded given that it's Holiday in the Park in December, or not too bad since they are weekdays?
  8. Making a trip down to Six Flags Over Georgia this Saturday (9/14)! Does anyone know if it will be crowded? Also, do any rides require l0ckers, or can I bring a bag that I leave on the other side of the station?
  9. Hey guys! I'm flying in on Thursday in the morning and won't be able to check in to my hotel until later in the afternoon. Does Knott's have large paid lockers if I want to store my backpack without carrying it around the park?
  10. Hello Everyone! I will be going to SFOG on Saturday, September 14th. Does anyone have a suggested touring plan if I will be arriving late? The park opens at 10AM but I will likely get there at 10:30AM once I drive from the airport. Also, any suggestions for places to eat? I have a season dining pass, so I can get lunch, dinner and a snack.
  11. Does anyone know if the restaurants will be open during Passholder Preview Night? I was hoping to get a Season Dining Pass
  12. Help!! It looks like GhostRider, Revolucion, and Calico Mine Train are closed on the weekdays during my visit, but are open on Saturday/Sunday. Is it worth switching a Wednesday at KBF to a Sat/Sun with much higher crowds? Here is the current itinerary: Mon: Six Flags Magic Mountain Tue: Six Flags Magic Mountain Wed: Knott's Thu: Disney California Adventure Fri: Disneyland Sat: Disney California Adventure Sun: Disneyland
  13. Is Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant open after the park closes? I'm going the last week of February, and it looks like the park closes at 6PM but the final reservations you can make is at 5PM. But Google says it closes at 10PM every day.
  14. WOW FML Six Flags America called me, and said the same thing. Because my season pass is already activated at Six Flags America, if I buy a premium dining pass, I won't be able to activate it or use it Six Flags Magic Mountain. The problem is, SFA doesn't open until April 6th, and I'm going to SFMM in February. My plan is to buy a Premium Dining Pass and try to get it activated at SFMM. If they refuse to let me have it, I'll just activate when I get home at SFA anyway. UGH
  15. If I buy a premium dining pass from Six Flags America's site, can I use it at Six Flags Magic Mountain in February? It says it's available at all parks. My home park is SFA, but it won't be open before I go to SFMM
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