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  1. Good point! I was really hoping they save that spot for a 12th coaster and put the swinging pendulum somewhere different. Maybe they will finally tear down the axis arena and put a riddlers revenge there or use that spot for a new coaster! There's actually lots of room in the area behind the former Whistlestop and the current go-carts including a large section of parking lot which is never used except for trams. I agree a Giant Discovery (pendulum) would be a great fit in that area but it seems there's also room for a coaster someday. They won't tear down Axis arena. It is used not only for Fright Fest haunts but there are also cheerleading competitions and other events there. I still think 2019 will be a Hurricane Harbor expansion, which is badly needed. (And watch them tease and cross-promote it with the Twisted Cyclone / new Coastal section!) I also agree on your point that a Hurricane Harbor expansion is possible, I always wanted a lazy river at HH. And who knows maybe a premier rides Sky Rocket II will go in the Whistlestop/DejaVu area than a Giant Discovery. All in all, good point!
  2. My North American wooden coaster count consist of: Georgia Cyclone @ SFOG (Rode GC before the RMC conversion into TC) The Great American Scream Machine @ SFOG Judge Roy Scream @ SFOT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The woodies below are ones that I rode long ago but I don't remember their thrill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Grizzly @ KD Woodstock Express @ KD Rebel Yell @ KD Hurler @ KD (like Georgia Cyclone, rode this one before the RMC conversion) I think that's pretty much it for my wooden coaster count.
  3. SFOG needs to do something with the Whistlestop/DejaVu area in the corner of Lickskillet soon. Ever since the playground from Whistlestop Park was transported to BB BoomTown, that area has been dormant since then and mother nature took over it with all the overgrown plant life. I have a prediction that the 2019 attraction will go in that "unused" area of SFOG. Now for the attraction, remember this is just a prediction but i'm thinking maybe a pendulum ride like the Riddler Revenge at SFOT and the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth at SFDK will fit nicely in that area, and since it is in the western themed section of the park, give it a western theme. If a GIB could fit in that area than a pendulum could too. But anyways thats my prediction for the park's possible future attraction.
  4. More #TwistedCyclone pics from yesterday’s crowded SFOG visit. Also some pics from the overgrown Thomas Town/Deja Vu area. I wonder if this back area of LickSkillet will be the next area for something interesting? Hmmmm.
  5. Opening day! Heads up for members, there’s a MEMBERS ONLY access point so you don’t have to wait behind the GP! Also, more pics of the “reverse cobra roll!”
  6. More progress on Twisted Cyclone. RMC working hard on Saturday. The reverse cobra roll is almost finished!
  7. It actually appears that the new paint color is a very light gray. It still looks great against the bright blue track
  8. Did a drive by of SFOG today. The lift hill is almost complete and there’s some track pieces in front of the admin buildings. RMC Twisted Cyclone is on the way!
  9. Saturday’s unveiling of the Twisted Cyclone’s new train in front of Goliath plaza.
  10. Happy Black Friday SFOG coaster enthusiasts! Look what has arrived! #RMC #TwistedCyclone #Lovetheblue!
  11. Guess what is at SFOG today! The steel supports holding the blue track have been delivered! Now for the blue track!
  12. I was at SFOG last night and it was relatively empty compared to the enormous crowds for opening night of Fright Fest. I could not believe the interior damage that has been done to the walls of JL. The only thing people can do while standing in line is be destructive? It’s just so sad there’s no respect for property. People doing stuff like that ruins it for the rest of us. Anyway, the track for Cyclone is slowly coming down. I’m looking forward to that first delivery of bright blue RMC track!
  13. New pictures of Cyclone from last night's visit to SFOG. Now the real work can begin!
  14. I'm so incredibly excited and beyond happy that we are getting an RMC. The teaser videos really did make me think it would be a Joker 4D, so I'm thankful it's not that just yet! Thank you, SFOG and RMC!
  15. I just visited SFOG yesterday. Here are a few pics. Seems as if some tracking has been removed. Still hoping for RMC on the (former) Cyclone!
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