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  1. Hello everyone I'm Phil from lovely Switzerland and I'm 21 years old. Being from europe means, that I've only ridden coasters in and around Switzerland (with one exception) yet, but going soon to the US to visit some parks like CP and SFGA for example. My favorite rides are: Shambhala, Red Force, Silver Star, Flying Aces and Expedition GeForce. Hoping to see and read more from this nice forum. Cheers!
  2. I think those Flying Theatres are a bit overrated. I mean sure they are pretty cool (but not exceptional). I haven't been to the Voletarium but from Switzerland it's only a 2,5h drive, so no problem in trying it out. As it being the most costly investment, I don't think it's their best attraction. So I hope they really push their waterpark addition or a new coaster
  3. Seriously Planet Coaster is bringing these huge free updates sooo often And also this one looks just so nice. I'm again on the hype train for PLC.
  4. Hi Wilhelm Looks nice. Always cool to see that you put still so much effort in rct3 builds. I was attending your livestream lastly btw Keep it up! Cheers
  5. Yeah you're right. But unfortunately that was a planned business trip and we thought we go before ramadan. But as I can see it was closed during the entire trip. So better luck (and information) next time. Dubai was still rather enjoyable
  6. Holy crap. Bar or package store? Thats from the supermarket shelf. In a bar it would be more expensive. A beer in a bar in Norway normally ranges from $7-12, depending on what type of beer. I haven't seen Founders in any of the bars here, but I would guess around $8-$9 for a bottle if that were the case. Of course you're standard draft lager/pilsner is not quite as expensive in the stores. For example a 0,5 liter can of beer from Hansa (one of the largest breweries in Norway) is currently at $3,8 in the shelf. But compared to other countries I guess it's still pretty damn expensive. I know that very well Here in Switzerland its very similar with alcohol. Not as crazy expensive but still not cheap. In a bar it can happen that a normal beer is also between 6-7$. You're getting also ripped off if you want to have a special foreign beer, which can set you back around 10$ But just as you said. When you're getting the cheap can beer. You'll get 24x 0,5l for 14$
  7. Hey Robb and co. This makes me feel quite bad. While having the pleasure to go to Ferrari World last week. The big one, the mighty one, was closed due to annual maintenance, which was a shock. I was already seeing myself kicked to 240kmh but no... Flying Aces and Turbo Track (in the backwards seats) was still a lot of fun. And being in the first row and experience that insane lifthill was just super cool. I might have to come back when the new ride will open. Gr8 photos btw
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