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  1. When I was at CP a couple weeks ago, they still had signs that said Dragster was the tallest and fastest coaster in the world.. Are they leaving them up on purpose or did they just forget to take them down? .. and right up by the entrance to the ride they had a major sign that said it was the fastest coaster... how is this true?.


    Just wondering..., you would think that they would be under pressure by Six Flags to take the signs down.

  2. ^ Why aren't you posting that SFGADV should tear down Kingda Ka?


    Because Six Flags hasnt had the ridiculous amount of time to fix it as Cedar Point has had to fix Dragster... anyways.,



    oh and im not having hate for SF or CP.. just the certain rides that dont work half the time..


    Is KK launch the same as dragster?..In terms of how it was built?

  3. The last time I was at a Six Flags (Darien Lake) I had a good time.. All the coasters were working.. so I got to ride one of my favorite coasters twice.. Superman ROS.


    The only park ive ever been dissapointed at was Cedar Point, and thats because of Dragster and MF being down.. but I guess you can expect that...

    The rest of the park was great though..

  4. Hey Darien Lake is my hommie... my home park.. anyways.. I was actually happy to see SFDL on a show.. because it is the neglected six flags park.. but its not that bad of a park... I love Superman ROS.. and DL's Viper isnt that bad.. but Mind Eraser is VERY VERY BAD!!...


    Arent all Mind Erasers clones?.. Its a shame they cant build a better invert... like Raptor.. because Raptor is friggin awesome

  5. I would say


    Superman ROS (both versions)


    Cedar Point really impressed me.. and its beautiful at night.. the Wicked Twister midway really stands out.. the ferris wheel and maxair at night is amazing.. with the sun set, and the beach. Also just the overall theme of the rides, like the Dragster area with all the race themed shops, and snack booths.


    I dont like water rides.. and in terms of food.. Cedar Point is where i have had the best food... it was the most delicious hamburger and fries ive ever had... and the ice cream was also great..

  6. It sounds like you jinx the rides at CP when you visit.


    MF now TTD.




    I am planning a trip sometime in July, so I hope I wont be jinxing any rides. Cedar Point beats any other park ive been to.. and I HAVE to get on MF and TTD.. I just hope things go well.. and if not I can just ride MAXAIR and Wicked Twister a couple times because they were my favorite rides..

  7. Superman ROS (best coaster ive ever been on.. period)

    Raptor (best invert ive ever been on)

    Wicked Twister ( dont laugh, I loved that ride)

    Magnum (even though it is a nutcracker and it made me scream in pain)

    Viper @ SFDL

    Boomerang (yes these cloned coasters are awesome)


    .. I havent even been on 10 coasters i really liked.. Im sure Millennium Force and Dragster would be on the list.. but they were closed when I was at CP..

  8. I knew Dragster would close sometime that day, because when does it not close?.. Im just mad that when Im all happy to go ride the thing it has to shut down when im about to get in line.. and then they dont even bother to fix it more than once?,. ..


    Obviously people disagree with me, but I still think that unless Dragster works better, it needs to go..


    Im not mad about CP at all.. It was a great park and has more coasters then I could ride in a day .. but still.. when your coaster is THAT famous and you cant even make it work right?.

  9. I still don't get what's so revolutionary about the Revolution. Nothing I've read points to nothing but a sligthly updated system with some extra gimmicks.


    I'm all for the PS3. It's a literal powerhouse, it's controllers are wireless and you can connect seven without a single plug, and I will be a bit provocative here and say that the PS always gets the highest number of good games.


    Playstation always gets the good games.. and xbox360 is designed to do everything( like a computer) .. so im worried that it was made for everything but games..

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