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  1. yeah it said arms down after we launched


    i remember it... because it started going and i heard it....and then the rest was a blur.... as usual... since its so fast u dont remember what u see.


    but yeah i dont know... maybe its so people dont smash there heads or hurt there necks from the force of the launch... and i guess it could hurt your hands and arms?..


    but i think it adds the the whole..... oh my god im gonna die... feeling that you get when its waiting to launch.

  2. http://www.wlky.com/news/13547817/detai ... u&psp=news


    LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Police confirmed that a girl's feet have been cut off at Six Flags' Kentucky Kingdom.

    Officials said they got the call around 5 p.m. Thursday and both her feet were detached at the ankle.

    According to MetroSafe dispatch supervisors, the girl was riding the Superman Tower of Power, which is 177 feet tall and drops riders at 54 miles per hour. According to Kentucky Kingdom, the girl was injured when the ride malfunctioned.



    this was just on the tv like 2 seconds ago.





    *Mod Edit: Added text of article to post.

  3. As to the flyer - why wouldn't it go to CP? They don't have a flyer. As to CP having no room - it would be a great beach coaster or could be fitted into frontier town next to the Mine ride and basically be rebuilt in that lake, flying over the water.


    I hope you're joking.


    Me to..!!


    If CP can barely fit new coasters....they dont have room for old ones. .....


    and are they even aloud to build something that goes over the lake?... I mean...do they own so much of the water space?.

  4. So im custom building a desktop online, and they have so many damn choices that Im completely lost.......


    I need some opinions..and advice on what to pick, since i dont know much about them and the differences between them..


    Alright the choices im confused about are


    Processor: Intel or AMD


    Media Card: Nvidia or ATI


    Windows XP PRO or Media Center


    what is lightscribe technology?..



    any help would be nice...


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