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  1. I dont even think they bothered to fix it.. I sat and watched them just take all the cars off the track and then leave.. and its like.. ok Im only waiting for them to fix it but they just close it for the night..


    and they had fixed it earlier.. so it really made me mad.. and MF also made me mad.. but Im not as mad over that.. becaue that one usually works.. unlike.. cough*dragster*cough..

  2. I was there for just one day... yesterday.. and It was closed.. but as much as it breaks, they should just build something else.. instead of letting Dragster waist away..


    Maybe CP should focus on other rides for now.. they are famous for the coasters, but it would help if the coaster actually worked..


    They need some newer rides.. Maxair was so much fun.... now lets see some more new stuff.

  3. Pepsi Vanilla was WAY better than Vanilla Coke.. and of course there will be a Pepsi Rasberry, because Pepsi is having better sales than coke right now.. so you can expect them to copy everything.. thats just how the world goes..

  4. rude people :shock: ......



    Mine are...


    Superman R:OS (both versions)



    Also Wicked Twister... and now you might think that is a weird choice.. but IMO.. that is one of the coolest coasters ive ever been on... the view of the beach when you are spinning up that high, is amazing.. and it made me feel like i was going to fall out because of the whole looking straight down effect..

  5. I think Cedar Point could really use a Dragster make-over.. Either make it better, and more reliable or take it down and make something different.. but thats just my opinion.. What do you think?..


    I think that at the rate its been running... its a waist of space.


    Hopefully Ka wont come to the same desctruction that Dragster has.. :? ..


    This is comming from an angry person that didnt get to ride TTD yesterday because the freakin thing was broken.. . And i knew this would happen... after hearing all the negative things aboute Dragster downtime..

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