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  1. Pounds or tons? I hope it's the height of the coaster, which would make it a hyper when it comes to the drop.
  2. As a person who would not like another vekoma in Pennsylvania: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Mouse_(Idlewild) I would prefer one of the newer manufacturers to build the upcoming coaster.
  3. One of my friends asked me what the difference is between universal and Disney.
  4. I'm up for adding SteVen to the "list of random nicknames for coasters made up only to confuse the GP" list.
  5. No Are you browning TPR because you are bored?
  6. Seeing how you already changed your profile pic, you seem to be taking the SteVen quickly.
  7. My first thought was "what if someone slowed down at the top?" Correct me if I'm wrong but i think that's covered right?
  8. I've seen it run once, and that was two or three years ago. Ytterbiumanalyst, if you want to ride, my best guess is you could probably win the lottery, get struck by lightning then go to KW and it will most likely be running.
  9. Prediction: 2020 Intamin Giga, there's no way it's coming this year, while possibly next year, I don't think so.
  10. ^^^ That looks plausible for cedar point to do. Excuse my lack of knowledge but has b&m ever made a family invert?
  11. For the longest time my friends thought Jackrabbit at KW jumped tracks on the double down.
  12. A bit late for this joke, anyone think RMC mean streak will be done in time fo the 2017 season?
  13. I agree, while no one is required to know anything about theme parks, this is our chance to have a large “inside joke” if you will, about our knowledge that sensible people don’t spend their free time learning.
  14. ... You say every time for the past few years that “this is the year” when your home park gets a new coaster (come on kennywood)
  15. No Have you ever ridden an arrow in the rain just for the credit?
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