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  1. Given the precedent of TTD's announcement, with the track at the park, the RMC will open in 2017 but possibly with a delayed opening past May, and that could be why there is no announcement yet. To conclude my remarks on certain people on high horses, a person who spends all day every day writing 30+ posts on a coaster forum does not strike me as a laid back person who can rightfully call others obnoxious or toxic. You remember the kid in class who always raised their hand and never stopped talking?
  2. I think everything would go smoother if Coasterbill would just stop writing 30+ posts a day. Seriously, you feel the need to give your opinion on EVERYTHING, no matter how repetitive or trivial.
  3. That's definitely the way to go with RB, as much airtime as possible in the back row, I just wish I had thinner legs to really pop out. Goliath really would only need 2 more ejector airtime hills to have equaled or beat El Toro in terms of airtime intensity, but Six Flags now refuses to build any coaster longer than 45 or 50 seconds of action at this park.
  4. Because I'm a bit of a thrill junkie beyond the usual coaster enthusiast, I prefer a major park to have at least one rough woodie and one quite rough steel coaster. At Great America, AE blue takes the cake, and while maintenance has done an incredible job of making the Demon actually smoother in the past 5 years, I'm somewhat disappointed because we no longer have a steel coaster that is all that rough or painful.
  5. B&Ms, new and old, are in no way rough. The headbanging in corkscrews, zero g rolls, and quick transitions are completely unavoidable on an OTSR coaster with corkscrews regardless of who builds it. Sounds like Coasterbill is just a soft person who can't handle a bit of the Arrow shakes. X2 was fantastic for me in the back row, and being slightly rough is unavoidable with such massive winged trains.. You want rough? American Eagle, blue side, back row; You'll be jackhammering side to side so much that Mean Streak was a massage chair in comparison.
  6. ^ The 2 smartest, most hilarious people on the forums right here. The limit on G force and how much support a person needs to avoid injury is a relative one, it's different for different people. As a coaster enthusiast, this should be obvious if one has at least a high school education. The back rows on Outlaw Run and Goliath can cause smaller riders to slam into the sides of the car upon exiting the rolls and stalls, but in general the vast majority won't be injured. But remove the OTSR vests on Maverick and I305, you would see several cases of whiplash and lesser injuries due to impact with the seat or person seated next to them.
  7. If you think normal park goers could safely or comfortably ride Maverick or I305 without an OTSR system, then you need to learn some basic physics and realize the risk for collision of rider's heads and upper bodies.
  8. If there were comfortable or tight OTSR vests on Outlaw Run like on Maverick, you would see how much more snappy and abrupt the lateral transitions are on Maverick. The difference is that on Maverick the restraints work so well that a normal sized man is smoothly and comfortably held through the transitions, while on Outlaw Run and the back rows of most RMCs you are allowed to fly from side to side. There is a limit on rapid lateral g force that you have to use an OTSR system, and while Outlaw Run is just below that limit, Maverick and I305 are well beyond it.
  9. Wladimir Klitschko has the best one-two punch. Cedar Point no doubt wins for me with Maverick and MF. I find it funny that Holiday World, and possibly even Kentucky Kingdom, beats out both King's Island and SFGAm when just comparing the top 2 at each park.
  10. Coasterbill, you are the typical under-educated, toxic enthusiast. You post constantly and make sure your opinion on everything is known, and yet you have the urge to call other people condescending. Several MODERN B&M's are less forceful in the front rows, and I could argue all 3 rows for Valravn. But thanks to the positive G force in the transitions and inversions on Banshee, it is as forceful in any row as Gatekeeper or X-Flight are in their back rows, and that is what sets Banshee apart.
  11. Banshee is my personal # 5 coaster. Yes it lacks the quick lateral g force on Raptor and the vests prevent movement and zero g floater air within the vests, but the alternating between strong positive G force and zero g sections lasts the entire ride without a pause in the transitions. More than any other coaster I've ridden, after the lift you spend so much time either upside down or in banked transitions that you are barely ever right side up, and when you are you get sweet sustained G force.
  12. 1. Maverick 2. Voyage 3. Millennium Force 4. Goliath (SFGAm) 5. Banshee 6. Outlaw Run 7. Lightning Run 8. Diamondback 9. Raptor 10-1. Magnum XL-200 10-2. Thunderbird
  13. Wooden. Cobra. Roll. If you want some lateral G force, an RMC cobra roll would bring them Gs.
  14. Screw it, RMC Mean Streak will be 210 ft tall with a 230 ft drop at 125 degrees with a top speed of 82 mph, and it will be an all wooden T-Rex track with running wheels made of gold, because that's what Cedar Point deserves.
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