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  1. The most recent track I'm looking at (released at noon eastern) shows it off the coast of Florida on Monday, with the potential track area barely in Georgia. I think you should be fine. Depending on how much lead time you need to adjust plans, keep up-to-date and be ready to adjust up to your deadline. If you're willing to drive to Dollywood on Sunday, why don't you instead swap SFOG and Carowinds (SFOG on Saturday, Carowinds on Sunday)? I like this idea, as carowinds will probably be less likely impacted on Sunday. Guess I’ll cancel my hotels and see what the model is predicting
  2. If you all were gamblers, would you bet on six flags being open / rides running on Sunday based on hurricane dorians path? We’re flying into Atlanta on Friday afternoon and planned carowinds for Saturday and sfog for Sunday, fly out Monday, but we can detour to Dollywood Sunday instead, decisions decisions... stupid Mother Nature
  3. Thanks for the advise but I do have a question. You’re saying they open the park / twisted cyclone 30 minutes early? Do you need a special membership or anything to get in early?? I have the basic gold season pass from six flags great America and I’m not sure if my friends will have a good pass or not.
  4. another flash pass question (sorry!) Is Flash pass worth it at six flags over Georgia on Sunday 9/2 (labor day weekend?) I would normally buy it no thought at all since I'm traveling from Cleveland (carowinds + SFoG trip), but there are several rides that say "one time only" on their site, even with the most expensive platinum option, is this true, or does that "one time" apply to the regular / gold options? Batman, dare devil dive, and twisted cyclone one time only... at that point not sure if the pass is worth it. thoughts? thanks
  5. Can any kind passholder of six flags great America provide me with the code that was emailed yesterday for the presale of 2020 passes? Apparently it went out yesterday and I would love to buy a pass before I go to the park this Sunday. Thanks!
  6. While lightning rod is on the schedule this year, isn’t wildwood grove all family rides for the Saturday ERT? I think I’m gonna pass on the event and just make a weekend trip in October or November for more night rides on all the coasters.
  7. I've never been to Dollywood and I 100% plan on fixing that this year. Anyone think lightning rod will be part of thrills in the hills ert this year (I think has never been so far)? I want to get night rides, so its either go to the event if its on the ERT schedule or plan my trip for october/november when its darker earlier.
  8. Really pains me to read some of the responses here to firehawk, why would you want any coaster removed when they have the space to keep it AND build something new? I like firehawk, I like vortex, and they need to keep both. Removing a coaster is never good when there is so much space available that there is no need. KI isn’t running out of room like CP so keep them all and keep adding imo. In fact, I’d take firehawk over any B&M forceless flyer any day of the week. Will be funny if they tear it down to build a b&m flyer instead of a giga you’re all praying for
  9. Again, years ago... It was nothing like that just this past year! Hotels deserve forgiveness too! Especially when they're as cheap, and offer as many amenities as this one does! same here, I have stayed at that super 8 probably 8-10 times since 2015 and never had any issue with bugs or dirt. sure the pictures don't lie, but its just a cheap no frills hotel. can definitely do better if you want to spend more. the hotel I WOULD not recommend, is the Microtel. The walls are paper thin and I"ve heard hookers having sex multiple times lol. Even when not kept up late by raunchy
  10. late to the party but 100% knoebels and hershey park, about an hour away from eachother, 2 great top tier parks. if you can't or don't want to do hersheys, do knoebels + dorney. Renegade is awesome but knoebels is just a great park and phoenix is amazing, especially at night
  11. Hi all, making my first trip ever out to great America this weekend and just wondering if batman the ride has any rows with longer seat belts like great bear, raptor, etc in row 4. If not it's gonna be a tight fit but I think I'll make it lol Thanks
  12. Certain rides are closed on Friday. Closed coasters include corkscrew, mine ride, rougarou, and Gemini. As for flats, some of those close as well but I don't have a list, I'm sure it's on the CP site somewhere
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys, gonna make it out there the 15th and hope it's pretty dark, either way it will be fun!
  14. Hi All, thanks for answering my previous dumb questions! I do have another sadly... what time does it get dark at holiday world these days? I'm sitting here in Cleveland and there is plenty of light left at 7:30 EST. I really want too ride the voyage in the dark to compare it to a beast night ride (my favorite coaster at night), and have a trip scheduled for October 15th. If its not dark, I may go to a different park as I've already been to Holiday world earlier this year (also didn't get to ride voyage at night then). I love the voyage during the day, but NEED to ride it in the dark
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