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  1. Does anyone know how are the crowds for fright fest? I'm going for the first time to the park this saturday (22nd) and sunday (23rd) and I wanna know if I should purchase The Flash pass, thank you!
  2. hahahaha no I don't really need to stay in the couch just because I have a different opinion from yours actually! I love riding the coasters without headbang, I even enjoy riding the ones I find uncomfortable, I just dislike the headbanging and gave my opinion. Its no big deal
  3. I actually get an annoying headbang in the last turns on Rougarou, and I think that the new vest restraints could improve that. I'm a really fan of them, they can make almost everything smooth... so yes, I wish that Patriot had the vests. (The only exception for this is the dive machines. The old restraints give you an insane airtime on the drops, and the rest of the rides are just 100% smooth so it's not a big deal.)
  4. Anyone know if the Flight of Fear's trains are different than the Joker's Jynkx'? I rode both this week and FOF seemed uncomfortable, like I was too tall to fit.
  5. Yesterday I was at the park for the first time and had a great time! Great Bear, Lightning Racer and Comet were very good surprises. Storm Runner and Fahrenheit were fun but I wish they were longer. Wildcat is a piece of crap. And... I think I didnt love Skyrush? Its a great ride of course but I was being hurt by the restraints that were holding my legs in a odd place, Idk.
  6. I kinda liked Wild One but its too rough, dont know if I would reride it. Maybe I would have a better impression of it if it wasnt in such a terrible park.
  7. I was at the park yesterday and I need to share it you: that was my worst day at a park ever. First, the place is ugly as hell, there's some theming here and there but in general it looks like a parking lot with some rides. It was a sunny day and at some spots theres like no trees or shadows at all! Roar was closed, so the only good ride was Superman (Ragin Cajun was fun, Jokers Jynkx was ok, the rest js awful). The paek crew was, with some rare exceptions, unprofessional and unnefcient, besides being rude sometimes. The VR thing: around 5 they started the VR again, and the loading times turned to 15 minutes at least. We had a 3 train wait that ended up lasting 50 minutes. Terrible. Then we finally got to ride it and it the view of the buildings and stuff was really exciting from the station, but as soon as the train moved the app crashed, and remained showing nonsense things the whole ride. That happenned to the whole train I was on, and talking to others guests it happenned to the previous trains too. So I dont think it was working at all! So my advice about this park is: dont go! Just drive to Kings Dominion instead.
  8. I'm finally going to the park for the first time on the last week of July! Does anyone have any codes for online discounts? thanks
  9. So, yesterday I was at the park for the first time. My general impression is very positive! It's a cool small park, the rides were looking well maintened, the crew was really nice. No big lines at all (maximum wait was 25 min for Boulder Dash, and they were only running one train), even though the park was a little busy. The free soda all day long is the best thing a park could offer, really loved it. I wish the tickets were cheaper, but their focus is on families and kids and they have a lot to offer to them, and they also have the water park that I didn't tried. The theming was kinda basic but I think that's the stardand for american parks. Food was great and good value too. I stayed at the park from 12 to 5 pm so I didnt bother to ride every single ride, got some rerides on Boulder Dash and Phobia instead. Now let's talk about coasters. Boulder Dash: Yes, it's all true. This roller coaster is absolutely awesome. I wonder if they designed it to be like that or if something wrong but really good just happened. The first half is fun, massive laterals, but the final half is just unbelivable. Completely out of control, rough (actually it's TOO rough if you're on the back, I didnt enjoy it, but perfect in the front), you're just flying out of your seat... It's my favourite wooden coaster right now and currently #2 on my general ranking. Phobia: It's a fun ride and more intense that what I expected! The launch is mild, but the curved ups and downs will really get you. The inversion at the top is scary with some serious hang time. And it looks BEAUTIFUL from the whole park. Really added some value to the skyline, and people we're all watching it and talking about it. Great addition. Wildcat: Ok, I understand that's a classic ride, history, etc, but NO. The first drop is good but the rest of the ride is just rough awfulness. And I mean, REALLY ROUGH and painful. You can't enjoy the ride cause your trying not to be hurt. I think they could do something about it, please, cause the layout is fun. Zoomerang: Positive surprise of the day. Still a boomerang after all, but this one is somehow really smooth. I also liked the colors and the trains, very beautiful. It was a really fun day in a pleasent atmosphere. I recommend it. If you just want to do the coasters, 2 hours at the park should be enough (5 hours there and I would ride everything if I wanted to). ps.: the Wave Swinger is back operating and FAST.
  10. hahaha I like rough things! I hope its operating! I decided and I'm going this weekend no matter what, saturday or sunday. Message if you wanna join me!
  11. Hey guys! I'm planning to go to the park for the first time this sunday (07/03), but I was checking their website and theres a warning that the Wild Cat was down today. Anyone knows if it was down before/its going to stay down a while? Im basically going for Boulder Dash but I could choose another day if I knew that a coaster wouldnt be operating! (That said, I really hope BD not to be down on sunday lol) Other thing, Im going all by myself from Boston. Gonna get a bus to Hartford, another one to Bristol and then an Uber. Does this sound feasible at all? Anyone want to meet me at the park? Last time I went alone to a park I ended up meeting with a TPR folk and I had lots of fun. Thanks!
  12. I rode Goliath one month ago and find the opposite. It was an terrible ride in the first row, very hurtful specialy in the cobra roll, but it was acceptable in the last row. Overall I was really disappointed cause this ride had a huge potential. (The first lift/drop, first row, is still the most scary coaster experience Ive ever had. Terrifying.
  13. Six Flags' newest coaster shuts down Thursday after riders get stuck http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2016/05/six_flags_newest_coaster_needs_repairs_shortly_aft.html#incart_2box_nj-homepage-featured Does anyone have more info about this? Doesn't look like a serious thing, but it's terrible that it happenned on opening day! I also wonder if the coaster will be open today/tomorrow...
  14. ... Just sharing some pics I took last weekend (cellphone quality sorry). Hope you enjoy it! You really can't beat this skyline. Raptor got a new paint job and its looking good! One of the most beautiful coasters ever built. Something new here... How many credits can you see in this pic? Worst coaster of the park. Hie Mavericks my favourite ride EVER This thing is really really REALLY scary lame
  15. Your explanations make sense guys, thats very wise. Thank you!
  16. Guys, you got me really terrified with this one. How can they be sure that nothing will keep the brakes from popping up after the launch on TTD? haha Hey! I was standing right behind you in line with the green expire jacket on. I came all the way up from georgia Oh really? I was there with my friends April and Crystal.
  17. Oh, and on Sunday morning I witnessed a Maverick rollback! It was very cold and windy and they were testing it with empty trains, when one of the trains couldn't make it through the second corkscrew. They spent the whole morning and afternoon with a tractor and cables pulling the train and the ride reopened around 6 pm. Does this happen very often? Working on the stuck train.
  18. I was at the park last weekend for the first time and I was very turned down that Mean Streak wasnt open. But I rode all the others, and my opinion is that the worst coaster there is Rougarou. The only enjoyable thing on that ride is the Dive Loop, and even with the floorless trains my head banged so bad. Maybe if they put the new restraints Id like it better. Corkscrew was so much fun! (Favorite ride of the park was Maverick though. And Valravn kicks ass!!!)
  19. Rumour has it that Hopi Hari will build their 10 inversion up for 2017. But I don't trust rumours and I don't trust Hopi Hari.
  20. I've sent you a PM here, havent you received it? Im going to the park alone on Sunday and Monday, PM me your phone number so we can plan.
  21. Thanks so much for all the help with the glasses thing. Ive ridden a few coasters with them on my jacket pockets (they have zippers) and Im always afraid that they will crash. Maybe it's time for me to try the straps!
  22. Hey guys, I'm going to CP for the first time this weekend and I have a very specific question for you, hope you can help me. Do they have that containers where I can leave my eyeglasses on the coasters stations (like SFGadv and SFNE)? Thanks!
  23. I only just finished Season 1, hilarious show! Titus is my bae Ive just watched this episode and had to say something about it! hahahaha the way the show portraited us "coasterheads" is just hilarious (and somehow pretty accurate?) Hahahaha Its such a funny show and they knew that Rip Ride Rockit was an "X-car coaster". amazing
  24. Hey guys! I'm going to CP for the first time on May 15th and 16th, but none of my friends wanted to travel so far """only""" to do roller coasters. So I'll be traveling alone, but Id enjoy some company at the park. If anyone wants to come and meet me, let me know!
  25. Hi guys, I'm sorry to interrupt the talk about Valravn, but I really need help with something! Im planning my very first visit to Cedar Point in late May. Plans are to flight to Cleveland (I live in Boston), take the train to Sandusky and then, considering that I can't rent a car and that the hotels on the Point are so expensive, I was thinking about staying at a hotel in Sandusky and take a taxi to the park. I plan to stay for like two days. Do you think that's feasbile? A good idea? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you very much! (ps.: chances are that Ill be all by myself.)
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