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  1. Holiday In The Park is the big new "attraction" for this season. So when you consider the addition of HITP, Fireball, New Revolution, plus all the other smaller upgrades the park has received this season including an entirely new underground power grid, this has been a pretty good season for this park.
  2. While I don't disagree that our most likely addition is an S&S freespin, this building permit shows that the park has different options on the table. Generally each SF park has 2 or 3 possibilities going into each season that are solidified by early to mid summer. So just because we all may be thinking an S&S is what's coming, it hasn't been decided yet for sure, and the park still has its options.
  3. Just going to throw this out there. Allegedly a building permit with a height limit in the 250-300 foot range was talked about last October with the city of Eureka. The source of this info is a Eureka firefighter that also works with building and zoning. Not sure if this is accurate at all but could be interesting.
  4. The only critters at the park more comfortable with people than the deer are the skunks. In all my time working there, I have gotten within a few feet of them and sometimes they come up to me haha. Essentially once the park closes it becomes a zoo, all the deer, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, geese.... they're everywhere
  5. Just to add to the list of improvements that have happened around the park, The Log Flume had its supports and the interior and exterior of the troughs on the main drop and to the station painted over this past week, it really looks nice and is just the tip of the iceberg of new projects as the painting season begins now.
  6. Once... I mean if Tidal Wave is removed it essentially is a completely new area of the park within the last few years, minus the Eagle which isn't going anywhere. They have done a pretty good job redoing probably the most boring section of the park and transforming it into a very visually appealing area with quite a few good thrills.
  7. Whenever I ride Boomerang I'm struck by how rough the catch is on the "back" lift hill. Is that something endemic to the design (I've never ridden another Boomerang) or is it a quirk of our particular train/catch car? When Boomerang was relocated from SFOT, I believe they changed the catch mechanism, along with quite a few other changes like chopping the support structure for the lifts in half to fit into the hill. Talking with one of the park electricians about the new catch system, he said that was one of the reasons the ride opened so late but should be a better system in the long run. As far as I know SFSTL's boomerang is the only one with this new style catch system though.
  8. If I remember correctly, Ninja actually has one of the highest riderships of all of the rides in the park. Granted this was from 2 years ago, but I don't imagine much has changed since then.
  9. The best days to go are generally Tuesdays-Thursdays. This avoids the crowds on the weekends and anyone that has a three day weekend. Also any days that have rain in the forecast are good to go. The crowds will be minimal and SFSTL doesn't close most ride because of rain or wind (there are of course some exceptions to that). You probably wouldn't need to spend any money other than food and parking if you don't have a gold pass. No need for a flash pass unless its a very very busy day.
  10. Calicos is not just a vacant old restaurant, its kitchen is heavily used for supplying a large chunk of all the food stands around the park, and the dining room area is used as a storage/maintenance area for Culinary Services equipment.
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