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  1. It's on the Six Flags St Louis facebook page, and the Flash Sale for current passholders is 2017 Gold Pass for $49.99 each. That's the good part. The bad part is that the Season Dining Passes come up for $200.00! There is no way I'm paying $200 for a Season Dining Pass! THe thing is, that pass doesn't come up as part of the Flash Sale. There's a link to buy it on the Flash Sale page, but it just takes you to the regular Season Dining Pass page, which has no mention of a discount. So, I'm hoping that when September 1st rolls around, there will be a sale on the Season Dining Passes as well. If there's not, well, we'll be spending about one tenth as much time at Six Flags as we have the past few years, since the Dining Pass is a big reason we visit, and we'll be eating outside the park because I will not be paying $10 for a hot dog. Does anyone have any knowledge of whether the price will come down September 1st? Please Note: Season Dining Passes and Memberships will also be available at very special prices (with very special offers) during the Flash Sale beginning September 1. If you're looking for either of these items, please check back on Thursday! The Gold Dining Pass is good Coast to Coast. However I don't know if they include SF Mexico or La Ronde. Are there chain-wide dinning passes or is it only park specific?
  2. On a more positive note, Maintenance was working on Boomerang and Superman all day. Still no train on Boom but on Superman they were using car number 6, which is the one the "incident" happen on. I'm guessing they pulled one of the spare cars from the graveyard to replace it because there was no visible damage to car 6 anymore, and they also were lowering a new cable to that car. I'm surprised and happy that they have gotten this far on Superman after what happened to it. But I'm still never getting on it again.
  3. The comments from those surveys do get read and they get sent out to the individual departments Managers and Supervisors. We try and make improvements based on the comments but are usually told to "make it happen" without getting any additional funds or resources. As for the other stuff on the surveys I'm not sure who sees that. I'm not even sure if Corporate reads the comments or if it is just to the individual parks. All I know is the departments do see them.
  4. During one of the town hall meetings, it was discussed that Hurricane Harbors next expansion would be in 2019. Also, a member of the maintenance team said that Sound Stage might be on the chopping block in the near future for a new attraction.
  5. Actually some of his post sounds pretty accurate. And if superman does reopen, I wouldn't be surprised if it were only 2 or three cars.
  6. Other than the fact that the park In general hates having rides down, I think it is even more important for them to get Tidal Wave open as soon as they can as Boomerang and Superman are both inoperable for now... one of them I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was for good... But already having 2 rides closed in that specific part of the park might make them want to reopen Tidal Wave faster. Having that many rides down in a small area tends to upset the guest a lot more.
  7. The facade has done that since the first year. It seems to do it after prolonged exposure to heat and humidity (we get none of that here) then once it cools off it seems to go away. I did a little digging into Tidal Wave and it appears a leak on the splash basin got worse. It sounds like the plan is to fix it and reopen it. But then again Mine Train ops said its closed forever so I have to be wrong. The Tidal Wave is set to reopen in the next couple of days, maintenance was almost done with it today and then they have to refill. The train should also be reopening in a day or so as the new part has arrived.
  8. I saw him at the park up in HR a few days ago, maybe a week. But I don't spend much time in HR
  9. You are 100% correct! Dave really brought up the moral of the employees and always had the attitude of lets do whatever is needed to make the guests have a great day. Once Pete took over the park lost that family feeling. He cares only about numbers and saving labor, that's why things sometimes run at reduced capacities and dining locations close early. He also does not have that personal touch that the employees adored Dave for. We went from a family run park feeling to a corporate run park that no longer puts guests first.
  10. I agree the Sky Screamer tower used to light up in neon colors and looked really cool from the highway. It hasn't lit up since last year. During Fright Fest last year when they had it on some of the neon color-changing bars were burnt out as well as a bunch of LEDs on the Six Flags logo, not sure what the reason for that is, but I hope the only reason it's off is because they're planning on fixing those. If I remember correctly the tower took a lighting strike last year which took out a section of the light tubes on the back of the tower and messed up the lights on the logo. They might be working on them or they turned them off until they have time to work on them. As of right now they have no plans on fixing the LEDs. They told me that the LED bars that came from the manufacturer were not very good quality and became very brittle and if they try to fix them they just break more.
  11. Based on what I have been told, I wouldn't be surprised if Superman doesn't reopen this season... And that is being optimistic.
  12. Do not go on August 13th. This is a concert day so it will be more crowded than a typical Saturday.
  13. Don't think so, They just have to get the HIP stuff up before fright fest stuff because the turn around is so fast between the events. Its much easier to put up Christmas lights then throw fright fest on top of it and come November, remove the fright fest and already have all the lights in place. Its a very long process and with it being the first year its even longer. As far as I know there are no plan to use the HIP lights for FF.
  14. When St. Louis got Justice League, we the employees were told that this was "our hyper coaster" by members of upper management. So it very much detracts from our ride if every other park gets one too. Once again SFSTL has nothing special and unique.
  15. From what I have been told, most of the South Park is open minus the water rides obviously. The Boss and Eagle are closed, and the crossing arm by sky screamer is a block point. The rest of the Old Chicago area may or may not open depending on how big the event goes over and if they need the extra area to handle more guests. Each of the rides has a temperature that it can operate to until they shut it down. The big push for HIP is the park décor, which begins going up very soon, food and retail options, and entertainment, which signs for the Palace show for HIP where put up this week in the lobby. The show is called The Majesty of Christmas. If you go to the park they have a preview center by Bug Bunny National Park that shows a Map of the park with highlighted areas with the themes listed for the areas.
  16. Superman has been down for repairs and should be about ready to reopen. Word on the street is that repairs should be beginning soon on Boomerang. I have heard that they are waiting until the park goes to weekends only operations to begin the major repairs to the track.
  17. The capacity of harbor changes from day to day based on staffing levels, but generally it is 4,000-4,500 for normal days and maxes out around 5,000 on busy days. Once capacity is hit they "meter" the guests, so for every one guest that leaves one is allowed in.
  18. The Daffy Ducks Dance Off is inside the Empire Theater, however, it will not be opening for a few more days as they are ironing out all the last minute stuff it takes to open up a new Warner Brothers show, so in the meantime, the characters have been doing dance party/meet and greets on the porch. I think the show is set to open this weekend or maybe a day earlier.
  19. The Miss Kitty's show is the same this year as last, but the Looney Toon show and the Palace Shows are both brand new. The Palace opens this Saturday and Empire soon after apparently. And every show usually happens 3 times a day. It is true that shows don't change every year, most shows have a 2-3 season run as redoing a show is quite a large ordeal.
  20. You can find maps at the two large carts located directly in front of the main enterance gate. You have to walk right past one to get to either side of the park. These carts are full of maps, show guides, and info on dining passes. Also some of the retail stores and the Palace box office have maps available as well.
  21. Actually HWFan, that top statement is not completely dead wrong. For someone that has worked at the park you should be aware of how the "new management" has decreased the amount of training given to employees. For example, till training and POS training didn't happen in a classroom environment this year, just OJT, and that was also cut back on. This truly is an issue of not training enough, not having top of the line employees in certain roles, and also having to many dining passes and not enough locations to support it.
  22. The big things are obviously the lights and décor around the park. Shows are also a huge part of it and as this park has some of the largest theaters in the chain, they should be able to put on some pretty good shows. Also the park will have seasonal food options and HITP specific merchandise. And as for watching the construction of new rides that is also fun to do in the "off season" even Fireball construction started the day after the park closed this year. So who knows, there may be some sight seeing opportunities.
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