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  1. Hurricane Harbor Has its own capacity limits separate than the dry parks.
  2. Probably has more to do with the last hour the park has been open is completely dead. It seems most guests leave around 6pm.
  3. Many of the more over the top procedures are simply to make St. Louis County happy. Without the park doing some of these things the county would not have let the park open at all, so its a compromise. Either you have to wait a little longer for cleaning, or you could sit at home and have no theme park at all. I'll take the longer cleaning option.
  4. I believe there will be an announcement about Hurricane Harbor on Monday the 22nd. They have been cleaning the water park a lot this past week.
  5. My understanding is security might not be moving this year. The new designs look incredible, but I think it is a 2 year upgrade. The amount of rehab going on around the park is pretty awesome.
  6. Construction is starting in the front mall area to improve flow and appearance.
  7. I remember being told a few years back that the off season rehab is around $250,000 for the woodies, now I cant remember if that was total for the three or how the breakdown really was. On another note, you should be seeing more updates with excalibur around the time Fright Fest opens.
  8. The area you have covered in blue, includes first aid and a rest room, I don't see either of those being relocated. I merely pointed out that there is plenty of room in that spot, as they can always build behind the restrooms and the first aid location is kinda hidden so they can move that up in line with the restrooms or move it to another unused building in the park like across from the Log Flume/American Thunder. The only thing I ain't sure of is all of the other smaller buildings they hide behind the blue wall, I have no idea if those are important to that area or not. That area in blue would require the restroom be relocated, the huge mechanical building behind the restroom be relocated, the A/C chiller unit that supplies cooling water to the west half of the park be relocated, the "ice house" building that produces all the ice for the entire park, would possible block the only access to Mr. Freeze island for vehicles and cranes, an emergency generator, and of course first aid which can not be relocated anywhere other than on the edge of the park as it currently is. This is due to it needs to be able to be accessible to city ambulances without them entering the park itself. Plus the whole area beside first aid is pretty much a swampy wet creek. I think if the park decides to build over an existing area, the first aid spot will be pretty low on that list. I could see them using the tidal wave area, the old petting zoo area in front of colossus, or Old Glory first.
  9. I could see SFSTL getting the Green Lantern ride from Magic Mountain, if they still plan to remove it... While not the best thing we could get by far, I also don't think it's the worst.
  10. I'm excited to see what direction the park goes this year with a new director of maintenance. The new guy was a manager in maintenance at Magic Mountain and Warner Brothers World Abu Dhabi. Hopefully he can continue and maybe increase the number of projects the park is currently do to make it look nicer.
  11. My understanding of the food ordering option is that you can order ahead of time, but you have to wait until yo get to the dining location and check-in before they make the food. This way you don't have to wait in line to order and wait in line to pickup. Not 100% sure but this was how I took it when they told us.
  12. My only complaint about Phil is that he just doesn't spend nearly as much time in the park as other presidents have in the past. I get that he has work to do up in his office up the hill, but he should at least try and make an effort to walk around his park occasionally and see how it's going. Now I know others on here that work at the park might disagree, but this season at least to me and the vast majority of my coworkers has been an absolute sh*t show. The fact that Holiday in the Park was as ready as it was for opening weekend was a miracle, and the idea that management is OK with full product not being available from opening day is quite sad. Just my 2 cents watching from the inside out.
  13. Yup, they had a van there closing night of Fright Fest cleaning up their stuff. When their contract was signed, it was through the end of the season, but that was years ago before HIP was in the equation and the park didn't want to renew or extend.
  14. "Run down and dilapidated" is exactly the point, it's supposed to be a street in Gotham City. They actually fully refurbished the buildings in early 2016 so it makes no sense to me why they couldn't have at least just put lights up on the upper parts of them instead of keeping a bunch of rat props on them when it's supposed to be festive. When I went to HITP for the first time with my family in 2016 it was one of the first things my dad pointed out when we entered Studio Backlot, so it isn't like it's not noticeable. I think people are just used to seeing it now. They did not fully refurbish the buildings in 2016, they simply removed the parts of the facade that were becoming safety issues.
  15. I was told that it usually took a team of people over a week to tear it down on top of the several weeks it takes to put it up every year. And with FF growing, they simply couldn't waste that much time on a single attraction in an area that gets almost no foot traffic. Also I would assume that by having a haunted attraction in place there, they don't need to spend as much time and money maintaining the old "Skid Row" building facades. After all, run down and dilapidated add to the atmosphere during FF, not so much the rest of the year so it makes sense keeping Night Terrors Up year round. I wouldn't hold my breath for it going anywhere anytime soon.
  16. The funny part is most people believe that after the fatality of Stella on the Railblazer it was removed. But the one she died on is the one they kept and got rid of the other side.
  17. I mean there is a reason employees call the bring a friend free days "Bring a Felon Free Day"... There usually is a much high rate of crime on those days.
  18. Back in the summer of 2012 Six Flags St. Louis tested Batman backwards very early in the morning. They told certain employees to get to the park around 3-4am to test something. For the test they just turned the middle two seats on the last row backwards and maintenance had to manually release us. After riding we had to fill out comment cards on what we thought of the ride. After testing they put the train back in storage to get things back to normal before the public would see. It was a more intense ride but a lot of us said we didn't like it as much, felt a lot more jerky. Anyway after testing it in the wee hours of that morning in 2012, they announced it for other parks. I've been curious if we were the only park that did the initial test for all parks or if other parks did as well. I feel like we were the test dummies as they had several corporate engineers there to watch.
  19. A few weeks ago at the park they said that the helix on the boss was being removed. And after going up there during HIP it looked like significant work was being done on the helix, as in it was gone. At least it will be a little less painful to ride if it is indeed gone. Anyone have any other info on this?
  20. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Shazam got moved up there to fill the dead area. As the space left vacant by Shazam would be much smaller and easier to fill or landscape. Plus Shazam is being disassembled right now anyway and that Flings queue house is still standing. Just a guess.
  21. I know that 1904 Hot Dog has the soup. Not sure about other locations but I have seen the posters on their windows.
  22. Believe so, a high level exec is retiring so lots of people are bouncing around. It sounds like we are getting the park president from La Ronde.
  23. I know that either last year or the year before the 10k went off property while also doing the entire 5k run inside the park. I believe it might have gone up Fox Creek road a bit.
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