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  1. Give the people what they really want. Bring back the Haunted Shack already! No? Just me?
  2. Thanks to Robb, TPR, and the whole Knott's crew who were lovely as usual! My 2nd bash, my daughter Ayla's first! We both had fun 'til we literally dropped.
  3. "And now, meet some of our cast members who didn't quite make it last performance review! Sammy Shrimp and Timmy the Tuna!"
  4. Hey TPR Peeps! I was searching the Videos and Threads, and I can't seem to find a TPR Theme Song!!! (Sorry but I don't count "we are on a log flume" as that is actually the one and only Log Flume Theme ever needed, anywhere - but sadly not a TPR theme). This is of course a travesty of epic proportions that must be immediately corrected. I'm a (semi) pro musician, and I'm willing to donate my services as cheap as they come: heck, I'm not even asking for a Bag o' Crap (or am I?!?!?!?!) to create an awesome theme song for TPR to use as they see fit. Website? Check. Social media?
  5. Hello, TPR! I had the lucky chance to attend not only my first West Coast Bash, but my first TPR event this past Sunday at the incomparable Knott's Berry Farm!! This park is a family tradition for me. My grandma worked as a server there in the '30's and I can remember my dad taking me since I was old enough to walk. It has been great seeing the park evolve from the Bear-y tales and Roaring '20's era to its modern incarnation. Now I have my own kids, and while they don't yet meet the height requirement for most of the rides, they have already fallen in love with the log ride, the sta
  6. I only got to attend the morning and evening ERT since I had to watch the kids during the day and they are too little for most of the rides... And I still had the most fun I've had at Knott's, or any theme park, in my adult life (and it's my home park!). Thanks so much to Knotts, the Alveys, and TPR for a memorable day. I'm still on a high from the experience. I at one point literally just sat on the log ride in my own boat for about 30 minutes going round and round the course. Wheeeeeeee!!!
  7. Wow, just... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! PS: Are Knott's folks or TPR folks checking us in on Sunday morning? And either way, is it cool to bring 'em some coffee and treats to say thank you, or will that just get in the way with everything going on? PS: I'll be solo and am told I'm fairly nice (the biting has stopped since the medication) if anyone needs a ride buddy, since seems like a lot of folks were worried about that. See everyone there Sunday!!
  8. I wouldn't be concerned at all if Xcelerator went down. We'd just go have fun on some other ride or doing some other fun activity that would take Xcelerator's place. Can't go around constantly on the brink of disaster where any little thing going wrong will ruin your entire day. I can't imagine living with that sort of stress level, especially at a theme park where the whole point is to have fun. Exactly! OH NO!!! Then we'd just be down to one of the original and best log flumes in the country, an original Schwarzkopf looper, a mine full of refurbished animatronics, a new shooter
  9. Hi, folks! I have been lurking on the site all year and just pulled the trigger to join. This will be my first event and I'm so excited!!! Thanks for all of the awesome TR's, videos, laughs, pics, etc. I've been coming to Knott's since I was a baby and I'm STOKED to enjoy it with this crazy crew. Just wish my kids were tall enough to come ride with me, but sorry, daddy's gonna marathon Xcelerator and Montezooma's!
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