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  1. If you read the rest of the forum the guy is going to Cedar point Sorry i don't talk well im only 12 Gosh 8 hours from cedar point it is olso computer talk u don't need 2 type stuff properly
  2. In the other i meant it was 4 hours from Cedar Point to Holiday world See i just forgot to post it that way (fixed)
  3. I think the only reson i didnt get introuble for taking my camera on Flight o fear at pki as because my cousin was the ride op so technially i didn't break the rules cause i had permition from the ride op To badf my cam didn't have any film yay post 30
  4. Id say one park in the midwest i like that is small and gets alot of attention is Holiday world. For most people it is an 8 hr drive from Cedar point, but with my dads driving it is only 4hrs from cedar point to Holiday world
  5. No Have you ever let one big fart rip in Church
  6. I was Grouchy and i think she found out anyway so i said im sorry
  7. I was grouchy that day i told you to shut up and with my dads driveing it is only 1 hr 45 min you seem pretty nice
  8. are you going to holiday world next year and if so what day and time
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