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  1. Can't wait for opening day! Looks like Apex is making a lot of improvements, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in person.
  2. taking the family to dollywood for the first time this summer. We are going to be there on weekdays only at the end of July. How long should we expect the lines to be at the major rides? I'm trying to determine if buying the $30 time saver pass would be worth it.
  3. At Disney in January, there was a slightly older couple on the bus from the airport. I overheard them have the following exchange: Wife: "Did we get those FastPass things?" Husband: "No, I got parkhoppers instead, its a better deal."
  4. Expedition Everest at WDW, back in mid-January. I'm going through withdraws. Got to get on a coaster soon!
  5. For this past weekend's trip to st. louis, we stayed at Springhill Suites in Chesterfield. It is about 25 minutes north of the park but really easy to travel back and forth. I found it cheaper than the closer locations ($129 plus tax), and because the rooms had two queens and a fold-out couch, we were able to sleep six people in a single room. They have a small indoor pool and serve a really good free breakfast. When we went to Branson last year, we rented a condo through Branson Vacation Rentals. (http://www.bransonvacationcabins.com) and had a great experience. We had the "Legacy Luxury Condo" at Thousand Hills and loved it. Nice and quiet, pleasant golf course views, and across the street from a really nice indoor pool. Two blocks from Branson's main drag, about 20 minutes from SDC.
  6. I know. But this way it'll give me an excuse to go again next year....
  7. TRIP REPORT Thanks everyone who gave me advice on which rides were "safe" post-hernia surgery a while back. I took my first trip to SFSL this past Friday (the 13th) and I was exactly 6 weeks post-surgery. My recovery had gone very well and I felt comfortable enough to not limit myself to any particular rides after all. We live in Chicago and have been to SFGA dozens of times. The last couple years I've tried to branch out to other nearby parks more--Indiana Beach, Silver Dollar City, and now SFSL. Friday had glorious weather and relatively low crowds. It being my first trip to SFSL, I did some research beforehand and picked a route to tour the park with, hitting our target rides along the way. This turned out to be useless, as most of the big rides did not start operating until lunchtime or later. i don't know what's up with that. The touring plan went out the window and we just went all over the place after that. I went with my wife, her sister and her husband, our four year old, and our 1 year old so we mixed in a lot of kiddy rides along with the big rides. We arrived at opening, and started by going to the antique cars, so all of us could get on a ride right away, including the baby. I was disappointed by how short the layout was--I've been on similar rides that are at least 2-3 times as long. The log flume, shazam, and scooby were next. All were fine, for what they are, and had very short lines. I wanted to go on Mr. Freeze then--it was not open. Walked past Thunder River, Pandemonium, and The Boss---all were closed. As we rode the carousel, I saw The Boss had opened up so that was my first coaster of the day. I know you guys say it is too rough, but I loved that coaster! One of the longest rides I've ever been on, and the drops were fantastic fun. Since it had just opened, the line was non-existent. My wife took the kids into Bugs Bunny National Park then. This is one of the best kiddie areas I have seen in a park, except for the separation between the two areas caused by the railroad. It made it a little hard to find some of the rides--and I'd really hate having to locate a lost child in there. During this time I rode Screaming Eagle, which was fun, and another short line. We then did Joker Inc, Tidal Wave, and Tsunami Soaker. They all had almost no lines. I was surprised Tsunami Soaker was a walk on, because by then it was the hottest part of the day (about 3 PM) and the ride is brand new. It was fun. I went on Ninja, which had no line at all. I was not impressed by that ride. After a trip on the train, we saw that Thunder River had opened, so we decided to go on that. Big mistake! The line was long, and scorching hot (they really need to do something to shade that que). The ride is about the same as the one at Great America. We barely got wet at all. It was our longest line of the day, at about 30 minutes. While in line I could see that Mr. Freeze was running, so I headed there next. It was close to 6 PM at that time so that was going to be my last ride of the day. Line was about 20 minutes. I loved the ride--it was very exhilarating and exciting enough that I was able to forgive its short running time. I never saw anything moving on Boomerang at all that day. I did not go near the Batman coaster since we have that at SFGA, so there was no point visiting it. I regret skipping American Thunder, but The Boss, Screaming Eagle, and Mr. Freeze are all top notch coasters, and I really enjoyed the rest of the park too.
  8. Do you think Friday will be very busy? I was planning on going then.
  9. Hi all, I'm new here and from Chicago. I am going to be at SixFlags St. Louis on June 13. This has been planned for a while, but just recently I found out I need hernia surgery, which will be May 9. I should be mostly healed by June 13, but might still be feeling soreness at the incision spot (which is basically where your leg meets your abdomen). Many newer roller coasters have restraint systems that would press down hard on this area. A normal-old fashioned lap bar should be OK (especially if its cushioned, and the coaster doesn't have any inversions) , and a shoulder restraint system should be no problem at all, but a lap bar that is really tight and pressed down could cause pain or damage (think outlaw run at sdc, for example) Basically my question is if there are any rides and coasters at SFStL that you think I should avoid?
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