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  1. 1. Hypers - I love height, speed, and airtime, plus the open feel to how B&M has their restraints and cars. They are just so much fun. I've been on Diamondback and Nitro. 2. Wing - The only one I've ever been on is GateKeeper, but I really like it, despite many other people not. Now that the restraints don't locked, I love them, plus the whole experience is just so unique and is nothing like any of type of coaster. Very re-ridable and fun. 3. Inverts - I actually prefer never inverts like Banshee over older ones. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the older, more intense ones are great too but overall Banshee blows every other invert I've been on way out of the playing field. Besides Banshee, I've been on Raptor, Dragon Challenge, Talon, and Batman the Ride. 4. Sit down - The only one I've been on is The Incredible Hulkl but I absolutely loved it. Very intense, fun, and smooth. 5. Floorless - Been on Hydra and Bizarro, and they are fun coasters. Very enjoyable. 6. Flyers - I've only been on a Superman clone, and even though it was a fun experience, its elements can be easily forgettable. I really want to ride Manta and Tatsu, but as of now, I prefer Vekoma flyers. 7. Stand ups - Only been on Mantis and hated it. I liked the first half of the ride, but the second half was terrible. I hated the forces in my legs, and it was the only coaster to actually make me queasy. Mantis was the closest I've ever come to throwing up, so ever since I refuse to ride stand ups. They just aren't enjoyable for me. I've never been on a Dive coaster but I hear they're fun.
  2. I was at the park yesterday and it was absolutely dead. No lines, and empty to near empty trains. TR and pics to come later.
  3. I'd love for the park to get a new observation tower. I think Giant Wheel's old location would be a perfect spot. There'd be plenty of room for a new one and I think this would be a cool location. I just want SOMETHING to go into this area soon. There's a big empty concrete pad with nothing there. What a major waste of space. Photo courtesy of TPR member rcoaster10. After discussing this idea, he created this image to show that a new observation tower would easily fit in this area.
  4. I love GateKeeper! I guess I didn't describe it much this time since in previous TRs (on this site and on others) I have gone into lots of detail about it. I think it's a great addition to the park. I like how it isn't super intense like a lot of the other coasters, so it provides a nice balance to all the white knuckle thrills. I love the floating sensation. My favorite element is definitely the wing over drop. My favorite seat is the back left but I also love the front right. Sometimes the ride can be a little bumpy (not rough, but just an annoying bumpiness like some other newer B&Ms have) but besides that I think it's a great ride. It's very re-ridable, has amazing capacity, and is just what the park needed.
  5. The park is definitely the least crowded on weekdays in May. I'd recommend going then.
  6. No fast Lane. The lines were the longest they've been so far this year (this was my 4th trip) but they still weren't terrible.
  7. I posted this info in my recent TR but I'll post it again here in this thread so more people will see it. Regarding SlingShot, I was at the park yesterday and it was testing with employees on it. I did find out from a worker that it will be $25 to ride and an optional additional $20 to buy your on ride video. I do think this price is a little steep but I definitely plan on riding it. It looks like a lot of fun, and everyone congregates in front of it. Peoples' reactions are hilarious when they watch the ride launch. Plus its fun watching the reactions of the riders themselves. Great color scheme, great location, and great addition (even though I'm not a big fan of upcharges.) Also, the building being constructed next to GK for a rumored new haunt is coming along. I know there are some people who don't think this is big enough to house a new haunted house, but the steel framework is now up and I definitely think it's big enough. There's a great view of it from the left side exit on GK, and I got a picture outside of the ride. I do believe this will be for a new haunted house. I just hope that when it's done, it won't look bad in that area and ruin its open, refreshed feel. This picture makes it look smaller than it really is, but standing up on GK's exit, it looks about the same size as Eden Musée.
  8. My mom and I arrived at the park around 9:30 and made it back to Maverick in time for one early entry ride and rode in the back. My mom saw one of her high school friends and her 2 younger kids. They hadn't actually seen each other in person for a very long time and they had fun catching up, and her 7th grade son is a major enthusiast. He was so funny! Then the line just started to fill up but we managed to get on it again, this time in the front, with only a 5 minute wait. But as soon we we left, a lot of the main queue building had already started to fill up. We were glad to get our Maverick rides in when we did, since we hate waiting in that line. We headed over Mean Streak and waited a couple minutes for the front and had the smoothest ride I ever have on it. The layout's still as boring as ever, but it was actually pretty enjoyable. Dragster was next, and we waited or the front row which came out to be about a 45 minute wait in total. It was so nice to get back on it and to just hear and see it running. Coastermania was so strange without it. After this was the longest wait of the day, in total an hour and a half for the front row on Millennium. It was fun and worth it, but we were surprised by the line. It seemed to move very slow, much slower than usual even though it was running 3 trains. It was around 2:30 and we got lunch at Panda Express. Talking to one of the workers there, she said how it has been a rough day and that there were lots of rude guests, so we made sure to be extra nice. I don't get why people feel the need to act that way, and I felt bad for the employees. And let's just say that throughout the day, we have our fair share of interesting guest experiences (More to come about that later). We just sat for a while and just relaxed. With platinum passes, I love how you never feel rushed and can take your time. It was fun people watching and enjoying the park's atmosphere. Then we decided to take a jaunt through the Frontier Trail. We stopped for about 20 minutes at the Barnyard. I still love this little surprise addition for this year. No matter what day we go or what time of day it's always so much busier than it used to be, and it's great seeing all the families with little kids who are smiling and laughing. Even though it's not a ride, I love Barnyard so much. Then we stopped and watched Snake River Falls for a little bit. It was fun watching both the riders and the people standing on the bridge. If it was hotter I would've gone on. I want to get on the water rides at least once this year but at the time I didn't feel like getting wet, but I'm sure later in the summer I'll have a better opportunity to go on. We decided to ride Mine Ride when we walked by, and we actually had to wait about 15-20 minutes and went on the front row. A couple little kids in front of us were funny, since one of them was very serious that Mine Ride's station used to be a house and that it was turned into a roller coaster. He couldn't be convinced any other way. It was so cute. We noticed that SlingShot had been testing earlier with dummies, but while in Mine Ride's station, we saw people on it. We wondered if it could have opened already, but Jason tweeted that it wouldn't open until hopefully Tuesday. So after a fun ride on MR, we went over to SlingShot where there was a pretty decent crowd standing around. Employees were testing it and it was so much fun to watch. It was hilarious listening to the onlookers' reactions whenever the ride launched. People are just mesmerized by this ride, and even though it will be expensive (a worker told us it will be $25 to ride and $20 to buy the on-ride video) I will definitely try it. I really love the color scheme once seeing it in person. While watching it, we met Alex from MyOwnCP. He's really nice and it was fun meeting him. SlingShot testing Rude guest incident: a group of middle school ages kids were sitting around the new planters near the Gemini restrooms. After they left, we saw that hid ripped a lot of the flowers and were drawing and writing inappropriate things on the planters. There were 2 sweeps that came and they were frustrated. So after watching SlingShot test for a while, we rode Magnum. In the ejector seat. It was painful, but fun. Then we went on Dragster again and waited about 20 minutes for the back row. While in line a kid around my age noticed the Banshee shirt I was wearing and said he works in the Diamondback shop at Kings Island. He says he actually doesn't like working at the park and doesn't like The Beast. Oh well. It was his first time on Dragster so he was looking forward to it. We waited about 5 minutes for Power Tower drop and faced the lake. Arms out and legs out is the best way to ride. We then decided to go back on Dragster again, but the line had lengthened a little bit. We wanted to ride in the front again and waited about 30-40 minutes. We headed up toward the front of the park and went on Cedar Downs (I won!). Then we waited about 5 minutes for the front row on Raptor. I was looking forward to going on it after riding Banshee, and I have to say, Banshee is better. Raptor is still fun and is intense, but I love how re-ridable and overall just more enjoyable Banshee is. Since we were right by it, we decided to get a quick ride on Blue Streak. Only waited a couple minutes, sat in a middle seat, and had an incredibly smooth and fun ride. Next was Gatekeeper and we rode the back left after about a 15 minute wait. I got a good look at the new structure that supposedly might be for a new haunt. The steel framework is up, and it definitely looks big enough to house a new haunted house. I got a picture from outside the ride. Possible new haunt? After Gatekeeper was Wicked Twister, and we rode in the 2nd to back seat after 1 ride cycle. It was as enjoyable as ever. By this time it was almost 8:30 and I decided I wanted to ride Dragster again and then finish off with Millennium. We went to Dragster, only to discover it was closed due to mechanical reasons. We decided to wait around for a little while. Eventually it ran an empty train and it had a rollback. After seeing this, most of the general public became freaked out and left the line that was forming outside the entrance. Then a few other people were concerned that "the ride was leaking" after seeing the water used to cool the ride dripping down from the track. Another kid said "the ride is peeing!" which was pretty funny. Then there were some kids who were karate chopping and ripping out parts of the small bushes near the ride's entrance, which was annoying and disrespectful. Eventually there were only a handful of people left and I was in the front of the line. My mom has a broken toe so decided to wait on the benches across from the entrance. At one point the ride host offered his stool to anyone who wanted it, and the people around me knew I had been waiting there the longest and was first in line, so they all told me I could have it. So at least these people were nice. I got to talking about Banshee with a guy and he said he went on Opening Day, and he said is was such a big mistake. He didn't even end up riding Banshee due to its line so he and his son plan on going back in the fall. We also started talking about Coastermania along with the ride host. I then explained to a man and 2 teenagers behind me what Coastermania was after they asked. It was actually pretty fun just sitting outside the entrance talking with the ride host and some of the other guests. The ride host, Plamen, was hilarious and was really nice. He joked around that we needed some firewood, s'mores, and a guitar while we waited, and made lots of other fun jokes and interacted great with all the guests, despite the tons of times he had to explain to guests approaching the entrance that the ride was down. He's great at his job. Then one of our other favorite Dragster (and all time favorite) ride ops, Ashli, came over and we talked with her for a little bit too. I also found out that there was Magnum ERT that night, which surprisingly I didn't even know about. That was fun to learn about. Then about 5 minutes til 10, Plamen got a call that the ride would unfortunately not reopen. He thanked everyone for waiting around, and then my mom and I quickly headed to Millennium. We managed to get past the Luminosity mob and thanks to the 8 minute grace period, got in line in time. There were only 7 people behind us by the time the line was closed, so we had high hopes of getting on the last train of the night. Then when we were about halfway up the ramp, a woman came walking right on past everyone saying she was trying to get to her family. I can't stand people who do this, and try to cut everyone to reach family or friends who have previously been waiting in line. Even if she was telling the truth, it's still annoying. Then something very strange happened when we were almost to the top of the ramp. A woman came barreling through, furious, along with several other people. We were thinking that this is just ridiculous, with all these people cutting us, but this time there was an employee following them. As the lady in front walked past us, she kept saying how a man left his 7 year old kid with her and her family and they had him all day. She said she saw him run onto this ride. Well, several minutes later when we were almost to the unload station, we hear someone screaming as soon as a train pulled through the brake run. The lady was standing below on the exit ramp yelling up to the train that had just come back. She was screaming and swearing at the top of her lungs, meanwhile everyone on that train just looked confused. Everyone around us waiting in line peered over to see and listen to what was happening. Basically the lady was calling the guy on the train out for leaving his young kid with her and telling him what an effing this and effing that he was. I have to assume that there's more to this story than what happened. Maybe could this man be an ex boyfriend or ex husband? They seemed like they knew each other, but who knows. Also, for the lady screaming up at the man, don't you think she would not have wanted to make such a huge deal of it in front of everyone, especially little kids were in line and on that train? Apparently she just wanted to make it an even bigger issue, and was perfectly alright with swearing at the top of her lungs around all the kids. Classy. So classy. Such a great way to relieve a situation. So then after the guy got off the ride, everyone around us in line starting booing him and taunting him as he walked by, which made him even more mad. I just stayed out of it and didn't say anything. Who knows what the circumstances were and I was not going to partake in behavior like that. So anyways, once in the station they announced there would only be 2 more trains, and we were in the 2nd to the last row on the last train of the night! I love getting on the final train. It's so cool knowing you're the last people to ride that ride for that day. By then it was 10:30 so we quickly went to Magnum for the ride night. We ended up getting in 2 great rides. We could have got more since at 11:10 when we walked by, they were still letting passholders in but we were tired, hungry, and had an hour and a half drive back home. Just outside the main entrance was the family who had the issue with the man abandoning his kid with them. I still don't know the whole story, but based on what I heard when I left, the man had an older son with him and the 2 of them wanted to go on all the big rides, so they left his 7 year old with that family. Like I mentioned earlier, I just don't see that he would leave his kid with a random stranger all day, and if he did, why didn't that family contact security or other employees? It just sounds fishy to me. It also sounded like the police had been involved, and the lady, surrounded by her own young kids, starting saying how the man kept saying "effing this and effing that right in front of the police officer." Again, this woman is not censoring this in front of these young kids. So this whole situation was just very very strange. That's a horrible thing to leave your kid with someone else, but I feel like there's definitely a back story behind it. Then the lady used this opportunity to completely call out the man, paying no regard to her foul language around all the other guests. So personally, I think the lady is no better than the man but I'll hold all firm judgments since I don't have enough information to do so. Then on our way out to our car, we saw this written in large letter with chalk: "Don't park my cars butt!" What???????? Just something else to add to the strange things that day. And on the causeway, there was a car pulled over by 2 police cars and it looked like the car was being searched. The day was so much fun and was a blast, but between strange occurences, and a whole day full of rude guests, it was just very odd. But thankfully we met lots of great staff and patrons too, and did talk to a bunch of friendly people around in lines throughout the day. Plus I have to give honorable mentions to Jasper of Maverick, Ashli of Dragster, and Plamen of Dragster. Best 3 employees of the park this year, at least as far as I've seen and have gotten to know. And in total, we got in 18 rides which is pretty good considering it was fairly busy and we took our time throughout the day. It was great to get to the park one last time before out vacation!
  9. That's not too bad. We'll probably arrive around 2 in the afternoon, maybe 3, so I'll expect some lines. But still if they are only 20 to 30 minutes, that's very manageable.
  10. Typically how busy is Dorney? I've never been before and I'm going for my first time on Tuesday July 1st. I'm only doing the regular park and not the water park, and I'll only be there for a couple hours in the late afternoon and early evening. I've heard it's never too busy but what are the wait times (if any) I should expect?
  11. You really did have some amazing trips this spring. It will be hard to top!
  12. I was with Cedar Point News when he took this picture, so I can confirm that there are many markings like this in that area. They are all around the Point Pavilion, Raptor's exit, and the area near Raptor's photo booth and restrooms. They seem pretty frequent and spread out for just typical maintenance, but I guess only time will tell if these markings turn out to be something more.
  13. My parents and I left our house a little after 8 am on Wednesday morning and arrived at Miami University around 12:30 pm. The trip was great and there weren't any issues at all. I was starting to get a little worried especially the last little part of the trip since we were going through all these little winding, country roads in the middle of farms and cornfields. My expectations for the university were starting to drop. However, as soon as we arrived on campus and I saw uptown Oxford, I was relieved. It was very nice and it looked like there was a lot to do. Oxford and the campus itself reminded me a lot of Athens and Ohio University. They were very similar. We started off with some videos and a presentation all about the university. There were a couple other families there and once we were broken off into student-led tour groups, my group was only my family and one other family. It was nice having such a small, personalized tour. Our student guide was great. She was friendly, outgoing, and answered any questions we had. I was really impressed with the whole campus. I love that old, brick style just like OU and was blown away by the dorms. Most of the dorms have either been renovated or are brand new, and are by far the nicest dorms I've seen at any college. Laminate wood floors, high quality wooden furniture, large windows, they were really bright, and they had real walls (no cinder blocks!). After our tour my parents and I walked toward uptown and met some students along the way. Everyone was extremely friendly, and one student even walked with us for a while and enjoyed talking with us. We asked around for some good places to eat, and one of the places that was recommended to us was called Wild Bistro. It was a delicious Chinese and Asian restaurant. After exploring more around uptown Oxford, it was early evening and we decided to head to our hotel. We were staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Blue Ash, about 45 minutes away. We relaxed for a little bit and then around 8 pm I had a crazy idea that I wanted to run through with my parents. I asked if we could take an impromptu trip to Kings Island for the rest of the night. My dad doesn't have a platinum pass, only my mom and I, but my dad said he'd be fine if the 2 of us went. So after discussing it for a little bit, we decided that we'd head to the park! 10 to 15 minutes later we had arrived and it was finally time to ride Banshee. I couldn't wait to finally be back at the park and to try out its new record breaking inverted coaster. We were shocked to see that it only had a station wait. We were expecting it to have a longer wait. We rode it 3 times, in the front, back, and then front again. I love the view you get from the front, and I was absolutely blown away. It exceeded all of my expectations. Then in the back, I was not expecting to have that much airtime over the first drop. I had heard the back was fun, but it was so surprising. I loved it! I think overall my favorite seat is in the front, just because of the view. My favorite element is either the first drop or the inline twist toward the end. This ride is also fun when it's dark with all the lighting. All in all, I couldn't have been more pleased with the ride. I even like it better than Raptor. We then decided to head to Diamondback (no line) and had a great night ride in the back row. Its bumpiness at the bottoms of the hills are a little annoying but the airtime was amazing. Plus I reached out my arm during the splashdown and got a nice splash of water. By then it was almost 10 pm, so I decided to try and quickly head to The Beat. We had planned on making sure to ride it at night the following day, but I thought it would be nice to get a nice bonus by riding it at night even another time. We arrived at 10:02 and it had already closed. I really wish they had a grace period like Cedar Point, where the ride entrances stay open for an extra 8 minutes. Oh well. I still couldn't believe we had even gone to the park in the first place, and was blown away by Banshee. We got back to our hotel around 10:30 and since the pool and hot tub closed at 11, we had just enough time to relax and swim for a little bit. The next morning we had a quick continental breakfast at the hotel and arrived at the park just after early entry. My dad waited around while my mom and I headed for Banshee. By the time we got to it, we only had enough time for 1 ERT ride in the back row but it was still a great little bonus. Then my dad met up with us near the ride and all 3 of us went on. This was his first time on it and we sat in the front. He said he enjoyed it. He's not a big coaster fan and mainly he just goes to parks to be with us, but he did like Banshee. Next we went on The Bat. This was our first time on it since we never went on Flight Deck last year. It took longer to walk to it than it did to actually wait in line. I sat in the front and really enjoyed it. Its intensity surprised me, but I wish it was a little bit longer. Overall though I like it a lot. Next was Drop Tower. I was so happy that it had opened just a few days prior, since I love this ride. It had about a half hour wait, but it was worth it. Following this we went to The Beast, which is my dad's favorite ride at KI. There was only a 10 to 15 minute wait. First we rode in the best seat (the front) and then my mom and I went on it again in the very back. I had never been on the back before and loved it. It feels even more out of control and crazy. Then we went on Diamondback, first in the front for the first time and then my mom and I went on it again in the back. I love how you hang over the first drop when you sit in the front. It's such a cool experience. After this I think my dad needed a break. He had gone on Banshee, The Beast, and Diamondback, and he was happy. Like I said before, he's not a big coaster fan so he enjoyed what he already did. So my mom and I decided to try out Vortex for the first time. We sat in the front and I liked it. I had heard it was rough but I didn't think it was rough at all. I thought it was actually pretty smooth, except it had the signature Arrow jerkiness to it, which I think some people might consider to be its roughness. I enjoyed the ride. Next was Firehawk, which had the longest wait of any ride we went on all day. We waited a little over 45 minutes for it, but I love this coaster. I still think that it's better than B&M flyers. However, it needs new paint badly. The bright green from when it was X Flight is really showing through in many places and looks horrible. But as for the ride experience itself, I loved it just as much as I did last year. It was early afternoon and we wanted to get something to eat. I suggested the Chicken Shack since I have heard about it, and that's where we ended up going. It was delicious, and the food was high quality. I got the 3 piece chicken tender basket. We ate under the shaded area in Action Zone and just enjoyed the atmosphere. One sweep in particular was doing an amazing job, and was constantly cleaning. He even went above and beyond his job as a sweep and would talk to guests, and we saw him go and get cups of water for people. We talked with him for a little bit and he was very nice and took his job very seriously. I forget his name, but he was excellent. After our chicken, I wanted to try a Banshee twist ice cream. It was very good and I enjoyed it. The blue is almost the exact color of the supports, which I found pretty cool. We didn't want to go on anything thrilling or intense after just eating so we went up in Eiffel Tower next. I really love the view from the top, and the breeze is great. I had planned on taking a lot of pictures (especially of Banshee) with our nice camera, but unfortunately the battery died and we had forgotten to pack extra batteries. I took a couple with my mom's phone, but the quality and zoom is nothing compared to our actual camera. It was still just nice to be up there to enjoy the park. By the time we got down, it was about 4:45 and we decided to go see the 5 pm show of Cirque Imagine. We had heard lots of great reviews about it and we were excited. Talking to one of the security officers standing inside the theater, we found out that almost every show every day is full, which is awesome. It was definitely a very fun, half hour long show. It was funny, entertaining, and a great way to spend part of the day doing something other than going on rides. It reminded me a lot of Skeleton Crew at Cedar Point's Halloweekends. It had some of the same types of tricks and stunts. It was very well done and we all enjoyed it. Our next stop was Invertigo. We only waited a 1 train cycle and then we were on. This is a fun, disorienting ride, and I liked it just as much as last year. It's more intense than you would think. Plus the ladies sitting across from us were hilarious. Their faces were so funny during the ride. I wanted to ride Banshee some more and did it twice, both in the front. I love how re-ridable it is. I could have kept on riding it, but the line was a little bit longer but still not bad (maybe 15-20 minutes) and I wanted to be sure to get on some more rides. Next was Adventure Express in the front. It's fun and is a little more intense than Mine Ride at CP, but still the 2nd lift hill that ends into the station ruins the ride for me. It's such a horrible ending. Then we went on the Red Racer and I made sure to not sit over a wheel seat and had a very smooth, fun ride on it. Then BLSC was about a 15 minute wait and I still enjoyed it like I did last year. Then I rode by myself on WindSeeker. The only one I had ever been on was the one at CP so it was nice to ride one with a different view. I waited 2 cycles for it. I wanted to ride Diamondback again, so my mom and I went in the back row. Then we went back to Banshee for 2 last rides on it, first in the back and then in the front. It was a little after 9 and I decided to buy a Banshee shirt from the gift shop at the exit of the ride. I found a cool shirt, and then we walked back to Rivertown where we sat down for a little bit until it got close to 10. About 9:50 we got in line for The Beast. I was excited to finally get my night ride on it. It was cool watching the fireworks while in line, and eventually the ride reopened. I was hoping to get the front seat, but there weren't many people in line behind us and the front row line was pretty long. We got in line for it anyways but soon after they announced there would only be 2 more trains so we had to move. We ended up getting on the last train of the night! And let me just say that all the hype The Beast gets about night rides is well deserved...I was speechless. The first half of the ride was incredible through the woods since it was so dark. Plus I thought it was cool seeing nothing but lightning bugs ahead of you. Then I also loved the 2nd lift hill and drop into the tunnel helix. It was pitch black and it was just insane. Overall we got 22 rides in that day, and 26 total if you count the night before. I had an amazing time at the park (including the bonus hour and a half night visit). I was so happy to finally get on Banshee and the wait was worth it. All of the speculation and construction had resulted in an amazing coaster. So the next morning I felt like I could sleep a lot longer, but I had to get up to go to the University of Cincinnati. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel, checked out, and about 20 minutes later we arrived. I wasn't too sure about the surrounding neighborhood. I had heard it was rough, and once there I realized that everything I had heard about it was true. I didn't feel uncomfortable since I have been around rougher, city neighborhoods like that before, and even Ohio State has rougher areas outside of campus, but there are really no borders with UC. Unlike some other places where there is a little bit of area between the campus and the city, UC and the city pretty much merge. It's definitely interesting. However, the actually campus is very nice and I was impressed. Plus I thought it was really cool and unique how the stadium and athletic venues are in the center of campus. We started off with a presentation about the school and were broken off for our student led campus tours. We had another awesome tour guide here and had a nice tour. The campus has a mix of old and new buildings and is nothing like any other college I've been to. Then after the tour we grabbed lunch from the food court area in the union building before heading to the engineering program I had signed up for. It was in Baldwin Hall, the engineering hall, and had a presentation, tour of the engineering buildings by a student, and a presentation with a professor. It was very interesting and was impressed. No other university I've visited has offered anything quite like this. I was extremely impressed with UC's engineering and co-op programs. Then we just explored around campus a little more and then found some of the restaurants and shops. We walked around for a little bit before leaving. I had a nice visit and liked the campus. For dinner we decided to stop near Lebanon to go to Skyline Chili. This was my first time eating there and I liked it. It was very different. Then on the way home we drove through Ohio State just for fun. I had an awesome 3 day college visit and Kings Island trip! A clever picture. I suggested it and my mom took it. I think it's cool how Banshee looks like she's reaching out to grab the ice cream. Me standing in front of Banshee.
  14. A random comment about CP: I have noticed great customer service and staff friendliness so far this year. All employees have been much nicer and happier than in previous years, which is great to see. And I have to give a shout out to the Maverick crew. Best ride crew BY FAR. Anyone who went to Coastermania, remember the Maverick Song?
  15. Arrived at the park around 7:30 after leaving home at 6 to about a 20-30 minute line for registration. Unfortunately by that time the Jet Express cruise tickets were gone, but I still knew the day would be great. It was my first Coastermania (and my mom's who I had brought along as my guest) and I couldn't wait. The lanyard was a nice surprise and it had the day's itinerary. I was thinking that the giveaway would be given out during this time but I was wrong (more on that later). Also sometime during the day I wanted to meet up with someone who I've never met in person but we've talked and have found out we have a lot in common, Rcoaster10. This was also his first time at Coastermania. We went straight to Millennium to start off the day, and we were surprised to see that it had a half hour wait. For ERT I was expecting maybe 15 minutes, but 30 minutes still isn't too bad. Rode in the front seat and loved it. It was a great way to start the morning and to wake up (I'm not a morning person at all, but for an event like this I'd wake up as early as necessary). We got back in line and after texting with Rcoaster10, realized that we were both in line. I told him I was wearing a red Ohio State hoodie and soon after we saw each other in line and said hi. We could only stop briefly so we planned on meeting up after the ride. This time we rode in the back and loved it just as much. The front and back are so different but are both awesome. However, I hate the rattle that the back half of this ride has, while the front is glass smooth. After riding there was a family group that asked for their picture to be taken in front of the CP&LE Railroad station, so I happily did so. Right after I finally got to meet up with Rcoaster10 and his grandpa. It was great to finally be able to meet up person, and we ended up spending the rest of the day together. All 4 of us headed to Blue Streak where I had the smoothest ride I've ever had on that coaster. As long as you don't ride on a wheel seat, this ride is amazing. I love it so much. We headed toward Wicked Twister next. As we crossed the main midway, we smiled at the barricade of the GP, only to be returned with a mix of hilarious confused faces and jealous glares. WT provided a nice punch as always. It was starting to get pretty warm so we all went back to our cars to drop off our hoodies and jackets. Once back inside the park we went on both Power Tower drop and launch. I love the airtime at the top of the tower on the launch side but I will never get tired of the drop side. And that tiny drop as it clicks into position at the top always gets me. This was followed by a fun yet painful ride on Magnum's ejector seat, and a ride on Sky Ride to take us to the front of the park. We all had the noon lunch time slot and were shocked to find the line wrapping all the way from the pavilion to the main gate and starting to come back along itself. But once lunch officially started the line moved pretty quickly. I was very impressed with lunch, and the park went above and beyond what any of us expected. There were chips with I think a crab salsa, steamed citrus mussels, wings, ribs, brats, and more. Plus there were lots of Coke fountain drinks, and Blue Streak cookies and cupcakes. There was also a Blue Streak ice sculpture honoring it for its 50th anniversary which was really cool. Now let's get to the giveaway--I would be happy with anything. Heck, I even would have loved to have just received the lanyard. But the park was far too generous and gave us an entire box of souvenirs. The top of the box said "Coastermania Survival Kit" and we got to pick our size. Included was an amazing Coastermania jacket, 2014 Cedar Point shirt, fun sunglasses, a glasses strap, and a glass cup. This was a very nice surprise receiving all of this, so the park deserves a HUGE thank you not only for the lunch, but for the giveaways and just for the entire event. Tony announced that since Dragster would remain down for the day, Millennium Force would replace it during the night ERT. Following the delicious lunch, we took our boxes back to our cars. Next was Mine Ride, Skyhawk, and the smoothest ride I've ever had on Mean Streak. We chose to skip Maverick due to its long line, knowing we'd get to on it a lot during the night ERT. Rcoaster10 and I raced my mom and his grandpa on Gemini, and the 2 of us won on the red train. This was followed by another ride on Magnum, Power Tower drop, and then a ride in the front row on Raptor. Then we rode Gatekeeper in the back left for a pretty bumpy ride. I miss how consistently smooth all older B&Ms are. It seems like most of their newer coasters are bumpier. Not necessary rough, but just with an annoying rattle/bumpiness to them. Another ride on each Blue Streak and Millennium was next, and then we rode Iron Dragon in the back. I have never been on this coaster in the very back before and it surprised me. I wouldn't call it intense, but it was more thrilling that I thought it would be. Then we rode Power Tower drop again before getting a chicken finger basket at Dragon's Inn. It was nice to just sit in the shade for a little while. After dinner Rcoaster10 and I rode Millennium in the front seat. While in the station, a train stopped on the lift and a ride op confirmed to us when we mentioned it that it indeed was a "passenger error," either a seatbelt issue or someone with a phone or camera. But it was a very short delay and we were on the ride soon. We had planned on buying this on-ride photo so Rcoaster10 and I agreed that we would each make a crazy, funny face for the camera. It turned out so hilarious and we each bought the picture. By this point it was around sunset and we decided to head back to our cars to put on our new Coastermania jackets so we'd be good to go for the rest of the night. We noticed thousands and thousands of muffleheads swarming above our car and above all the trees. There were massive clouds of them. It was crazy! Upon reentering the park (yet again), Rcoaster10 and I rode Raptor in the back. Surprisingly it was the first time either of us had been on this coaster in the back row, and we both loved it. It was so intense, crazy, and disorienting. We wanted to ride Power Tower drop side again and when we were walking back to it, we looked over at Luminosity. It seemed like it's a fun show again this year. I was really excited to ride PT at night since I never have before. It was an incredible view and it was cool looking right down on Luminosity. PT at night is a must. Then for our last normal ride of the night before ERT we chose Magnum, which is fun at night. Right after this, we went back to Maverick and got in the line that was quickly forming outside its entrance. We just sat down on the concrete since our feet and legs hurt, but it was all worth it. Before we knew it, the ride opened and we were among the first on it for ERT. We rode in the front and immediately thought we would regret it since the restraints were completely covered in muffleheads. It was disgusting. But the ride itself actually wasn't that bad and really wasn't too buggy, surprisingly. We also rode in the back and middle. In total, we rode Maverick 6 times in a row and it was so awesome. Next we went to Millennium to finish off the night. The line was so much shorter than the morning ERT so we figured a decent amount of Coastermania people must have left. We ended up riding 3 times, and for our last ride, Rcoaster10 and I rode in the front. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day. None of us wanted the day to end since it was incredible. In total I got on 34 rides (including rerides), which is something I have never even come close to doing before. My feet were absolutely killing me but I'd had the most fun I ever have at the park. Plus it was great to finally meet Rcoaster10 and I got to spend the day riding with him and his grandpa. My mom really loved the day too. Already I'm looking forward to going to Coastermania next year! Thanks again to the park for putting on such an amazing event! Something very interesting that we noticed: there are various flags and dots that seems awfully similar to what would appear before the start of a new project. What intrigued us is that they were not quite in the area we would have thought...I thought they would be around the Cedar Dorms area, but they were all around the Point Pavilion, and the area outside of Raptor's exit all around the restrooms and in that general area. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but Rcoaster10 did. Random markings? Or the first signs of Project 2015? Only time will tell, but they seemed pretty suspicious for just ordinary markings... The Blue Streak ice sculpture Sunset at the park The awesome giveaways Beautiful Rcoaster10 and me Cool sunset skyline
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